GENI: 2000 Game Plan


  • The following three audiences will be the target of a global mailing in March/April, designed to precede the United Nations Special Assembly of Heads of State in September 2000
    1. World leaders: Presidents, Prime Ministers, Energy Ministers, Foreign Ministers and Environmental Ministers in all 200 nations (1000 people)
    2. Key world media (200 people)
    3. Key endorsers and champion prospects (200 key global prospects)
  • GENI Web Site ( enhanced with additional graphics and depth of information
  • Monthly updates sent to all donors and key GENI contacts (240 people)


  • IEEE Power Engineering Society, Winter Meeting (Singapore). GENI help to coordinate a panel session on electrical interconnections in Asia — but we will not be attending.
  • US-Asia (APEC) Energy Minister's Summit hosted by DOE and City of San Diego. GENI is the catalyst for this event (May)
  • Global Super Projects Conference (Atlanta), May. Peter is an invited keynote speaker
  • NGO Millennium Assembly, United Nations, (New York City). GENI to exhibit at the UN
  • Rotary International Convention, (Buenos Aires, Argentina), June
  • State of the World Forum, Special Assembly in conjunction of UN Millennium gathering, (New York)
  • United Nations Special Millennium Assembly, (New York), September

Research and Writing

  • Global Design Team - college interns continue to develop global issue papers
  • GENI Book development

Securing Financial Partners (corporate, foundation or individual investors) for:

  • Development of a CD visualization of the interconnected energy grid that taps renewables around the world.
  • GENI Computer Model ($1.6 million)
  • "The Powerful Planet" film/documentary ($325,000)
  • "Connect 2000" International Conference ($500,000)

Special Events

  • Bucky Play, "The History and Mystery of the Universe", Mar. 24- Apr. 23, San Diego, GENI exhibit/sales
  • The World Game, staged in San Diego at end of the Bucky Play, May

Income and Finance

  • Maintain present donor base
  • Contact all past GENI donors and ask for their financial pledge (800 past donors)
  • Paid Speaking Engagements at government, corporate and trade association meetings
  • Increase products sales and donors through GENI web site


  • GENI operating budget is $120,000+
  • Desired staff additions: administrative support and web master