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Congress Key Addresses from Green Visionaries

Day Three — 29 May 1997

David Bellamy of the Conservation Foundation opened the key addresses with true vision. "It is time to get the alternative show on the road. The answer is to invest in alternative technology before its too late. Here at the Sustainable Energy Trade Fair renewable energy's benefits are on show."

One of the major addresses came from the Executive Director of Greenpeace International Thilo Bode who was appointed to the position in September 1995 after heading Greenpeace Germany since 1989 as Executive Director. Bode is taking a stand on the campaign trail to halt the further expansion of oil fields, the global environment threat of climate change requires a phase out of fossil fuels and a phase in of renewable energy. "We must campaign against the subsidising from governments to fossil fuel companies and lobby for political change."

Bode will take the stage at Kyoto, Japan this December where World government will decide on carbon emission reduction.

Peter Meison the President of Global Energy Network International gave an enthusiastic address to deliver the realities of the technology of today and its possibilities of delivering renewable energy world-wide if politicians could see past their own borders.

The final address came from Dr. Jeremy Legget who invited the floor to take part in a truly green vision. "The Solar Century" initiative. "It has two missions: to establish a global solar PV alliance, and to operate an investment forum brokering investments in solar companies by financial institution. It is a non-profit organization, all profits go back into the project".

These leading Green Visionaries; all recognized worldwide as business and industry leaders stressed the need for political change, further investment in renewable energy and the need for an overall global effort to link the world sustainably.