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R. Buckminster Fuller Commemorative Stamp

Second Day of Issue Event on 2004-07-13
(Stamp Released 2004-07-12)
Location: Horton Plaza Square, San Diego, California
Pictures ©2004 by PM Dekker. Ashley Gardner, Carol Dysart

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The GENI Team (left to right) Michael Fischer, Michael Powers, Ashley Gardner, Russ Hoffman, Peter Meisen, Kelly Hennigan, and Jeff Perlis. (Paul-Michael Dekker was taking photo) (Alan Ridley not pictured)

The GENI Volunteer team started setting up at 6am, and celebrated a successful event. The 70' x 35' Dymaxion Map by Buckminster Fuller is one of the largest and most accurate flat maps of the world.

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Placing the world's resources on the map, and explaining to visitors.

Students of all ages find the big Dymaxion Map to be inspiring and educational. The Map provides the "game board" for Bucky's World Game™ simulation — assessing world resources, trends and uncovering options for humanity's success.

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Peter Meisen and one of his several interviews with local media.

As a part of the World Resource Demonstration, various icons were used to represent distribution percentages on each continent.

  • large colored dots represent 1% of the world's population (about 62 million people per dot)
  • bread rolls showed food production,
  • water bottles showed access to safe drinking water,
  • black cans were proven oil reserves,
  • candles represented energy production (red for fossil fuels, white for nuclear and green for renewables).
  • sticks of wood and silver represented the natural resources (forest products and minerals) of a region,
  • computer disks showed access to computers and the Internet.

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Indian Subcontinent population and its resources

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Africa population and its resources (Europe and Middle East in the background)

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North America population and its resources (Russia and Europe in the background)

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Middle East population and resources (Asia in background).

Colored dots represent different annual energy consumption per capita in kilowatt hours:(kwh)

  • Red dots: <1000 kwh per person per year
  • Yellow dots 1000-2000 kwh per person per year
  • Silver dots: >2000 kwh per person per year

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Unveiling the Bucky Commemorative Stamp

Revealing the Buckminster Fuller Commemorative Stamp are (left-to-right)) Doug Jacobs, Peter Meisen, Carl Herrman and Jim Olsen.

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Bucky Commemorative Stamp with (left-to-right) Doug Jabobs, Peter Meisen, Carl Herrman, Acting USPS San Diego Postmaster Jim Olsen

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Stamp Release Presentation panorama

Bucky enthusiasts and the newly educated gather in Horton Square San Diego, across from the Lyceum Theater that premiered the Bucky Fuller one man play "Buckminster Fuller: History and Mystery of the Universe". The Post Office set up shop for guests to be first in our city to purchase the new stamp.

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Carl Herrman has designed over 300 commemorative stamps in his career with the post office. He said that Bucky was one of his favorites!

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Doug Jacobs is a passionate storyteller — and with encouragement from Peter Meisen wrote and directed the highly-accclaimed one-man play on Bucky's life and ideas "Buckminster Fuller: History and Mystery of the Universe".

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Peter Meisen, President of the Global Energy Network Institute, helped coordinate the stamp dedication in San Diego, CA.

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Jim Olsen, Acting San Diego Postmaster (second from left) honors the presenters with a framed copy of the new Fuller stamp: Peter Meisen, President of GENI, Carl Herrman, art director/designer of the Buckminster Fuller stamp, and Doug Jacobs, author/director of "Buckminster Fuller: History and Mystery of the Universe".

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Carl Herrman (right) signing sheets of stamps for Jeff Perlis (left) after the stamp unveiling ceremony.