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14 July 1999

Bill Richardson
Secretary of Energy
US Dept of Energy
1000 Independence Ave SW
Washington, DC 20585 USA

Dear Mr. Richardson,

RE: Electric Power Integration of Latin America -- Hemispheric Energy Ministers Conference

In Miami in 1994, the Summit of the Americas convened to foster sustainable economic growth, increased trade and poverty alleviation. One key element of that commitment was to cooperate on the common goal of creating efficient, environmentally sound and secure energy markets.

One of those goals included the electrical integration of power networks between countries. Mercosur and the Central American nations are progressing with regional power grids, and most nations have bilateral energy links. The trend is positive -- yet the benefits of electrical transmission integration remain unrealized to their highest potential:

  • load sharing between utilities
  • emergency back-up power
  • peak power saving through daytime power exchange
  • deferral of additional capacity reqirements
  • increased system reliability
  • improved frequency and voltage control for operators
  • ability to retire older and ecologically unsound generation capacity
  • increased trade between countries
Canada and the U.S. are extensively interconnected, and both have energy/capita figures that are 5 - 20 times the average citizen in Latin America. But America runs primarily on fossil and nuclear fuels, while Central and South America are blessed with ample hydro and geothermal power. Power grid integration of this hemisphere will foster economic growth and a cleaner environment.

Please reconsider this stragegy while in New Orleans. I hope we have the chance to meet personally.

In partnership for the planet,
Peter Meisen


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Updated 08/30/1999

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