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22 June 2000

Kofi Annan
Secretary General
United Nations
New York, NY 10017

The world's Energy Ministers pledge to interconnect power grids tapping abundant renewable energy is the next step.

Dear Mr. Annan:

For your consideration: A proposal for the UN Millennium Assembly

Thirty years ago, the United Nations Natural Resources Council proposed the integration of electrical energy networks between all nations, tapping renewable energy resources. Ten years ago, several UN reports analyzed the technical, environmental and social benefits of this global strategy. Now, former Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali has endorsed the plan by writing:

"I support with enthusiasm your initiative. While directing the Foreign Affairs of Egypt, between 1977-1991, I have advocated the integration of the electricity grids of all the African countries of the Nile River using the Nile as the infrastructure of this project. I believe, as you do, that electricity must be at the service of peace and international cooperation."

Over the past year, US Energy Secretary Bill Richardson hosted his fellow Energy Ministers from Latin America (July 99 New Orleans), Africa (December 1999) and Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (May 2000 San Diego). These continent-wide summits made a common pledge the interconnection the energy grids between neighboring nations, with an emphasis on clean energy development.

Mr. Annan, both Robert Muller and Noel Brown established notable UN careers, and have offered their stand for this planetary strategy for peace and sustainable development:

"I will not repeat it often enough: we need several great common world engineering projects. . . . I recommend that a government place this particular item (linking renewables around the world) on the agenda of the United Nations General Assembly or of the UN Economic and Social Council." Robert Muller (UN University for Peace)

"The GENI Initiative is one of the most important opportunities to further the cause of environmental protection and sustainable development." Noel Brown (UNEP retired)

Several decades ago, visionary engineer Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller designed the World GameTM simulation of resources, trends and strategies. Using a Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science approach, these long-range planners asked the fundamental question:

"How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone?"

The premier solution was found to be the electrical interconnection of renewable energy resources around the world. This is the World Games's "highest priority objective."

As a United Nations representative, you have the unique capacity to inform and influence people from around the world. The next three months may be the best opportunity to forward this strategy prior to the Millennium Assembly. We invite your scrutiny of the potential benefits for humanity and the planet:

    • elevating universal living standards
    • reducing pollution from fossil fuel and nuclear generation
    • reducing poverty and hunger in the developing world
    • stabilizing population growth
    • promoting international trade, cooperation and peace

In this project, we are ultimately asking every nation to interconnect electrical systems with their neighbors building towards the global energy grid as proposed by Dr. R Buckminster Fuller three decades ago. In 1989, East and West Germany linked electrical networks, then Israel and Jordan followed suit after the Washington Declaration. Today, with Iran - Turkey, the Persian Gulf, Chile - Argentina and all of Central America are interconnecting their power systems, this plan is doable anywhere! The economic and environmental benefits are proven and repeatable.

Please investigate this project for yourself. Several UN studies on this topic are attached.Then, we invite you to discuss this with fellow United Nations representatives and Ambassadors. Our goal is a collective commitment by the member states this September. It's a strategy that is in the self interest and collective welfare of every UN member. Your voice will help to accelerate this strategy.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

Updated 11/12/2001

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