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World Energy Conference 2007

Reports from Peter Meisen, GENI's President, from the Conference:

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  • GENI Videos on (the WEC promotion site)
    • Click on the topic "On The Net" on the list of topics on the left-hand side. Scroll through the videos on the bottom to find this GENI On Energy Crisis video.
    • Look for the 4 questions for WEC members in the list of 999 questions.
    • A reply to GENI's 4 questions by the Asian Development Bank (ADB)

  • Summary of the GENI WEC 2007 Visualization
    • WEC animation (GeoFusion DVD) created in conjunction with the it2 visualization lab at SDSU in San Diego (exclusively displayed at the GENI booth in Rome)
    • WEC Map Powerpoint (8MB .ppt)

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Link to the most recent KLD Global Climate 100 Performance Summary