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Everywhere one sees documentaries which expose the "doom and gloom" surrounding the problems on our planet. Very few offer solutions. This is a documentary that examines a compelling global strategy to bring about world peace, a cleaner environment, a stabilized population and a full, productive life for everyone.

"Power for the Planet"

This one hour documentary is based on the following startling fact:

Two billion people on this planet
have no electricity.

And is based on this premise:

A decent standard of living
requires sufficient access to electricity.

The film poses the following question:

How can we make the world work
for 100% of humanity
in the shortest possible time
through spontaneous cooperation
without ecological damage
or disadvantage to anyone?

Purpose of the World Game™
R. Buckminster Fuller

The highest priority objective to this question was first presented in 1969 by Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller who proposed a global electric grid that would connect east and west times zones, as well as north and south hemispheres, using abundant, renewable energy resources.

Fuller went on to illustrate this astounding revelation:

There is enough renewable energy
on the planet right now
for everyone, forever.

The electrical interconnection of power grids exists today. The Global Energy Grid is a simple concept that has huge social, political and economic implications to everyone in both developed and developing nations:

  • universal increase in living standards

  • reduction of pollution

  • stabilization of population

  • decrease in poverty and world hunger

  • lower electricity costs

  • reduction of third world debt

  • conversion from military to civilian jobs

  • increase in trade and international cooperation

How could a Global Energy Grid make this happen?
How does it work, who would build it,
who is for it, who is against it,
and how far along are we today is the story to be told in
"Power for the Planet."

This film is currently in development and targeted for distribution to the global marketplace with a completion date by the end of 1996.

Earth Vision Productions, Inc., a non-for-profit documentary production corporation is heading up a team of independent talent to work on the film.

Producers and on-air talent from every continent are being sought to assist in the production and distribution of the film.

Funding is actively being pursued. The budget is approximately $250,000. Expert interviews have already been shot. $50,000 in-kind support received.

For information please contact Ashley Gardner
Earth Vision Productions at 619 232-4822.

For further information, contact GENI