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The Powerful Planet

A one hour documentary

Specialists already on record in the GENI film library

Beginning in July 1991, GENI has interviewed many energy and environmental specialists from around the world. Interviews were done at three meetings over the course of one year: the GENI International Workshop in Winnipeg, Russian/Alaska Interconnection Workshop in Anchorage, and the 1994 CIGRE meeting in Paris.

Over fifteen hours of discussion is currently on film. The following is a list of these experts and their affiliation:

Ahmedou Ould Abdallah, UN Special Coordinator for Africa

Raghbir Basi, International Relations, Alaska Pacific University

John Banks, Engineering Consultant, UK National Grid Company

Len Bateman, former Chairman of Manitoba Hydro

Nelson DeFranco, Infrastructure Development, World Bank

Peter Dunne, Former Minister for the Environment, New Zealand

Joe Falcon, President, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Marek Jaczewski, Professor, Instytut Energetyk, Poland

Jacques Lemay, Technical Coordinator, Hydro Quebec

Jose Carlos Medeiros, Research Director, CEPEL, Brazil

Luigi Paris, Transmission Planning, University of Pisa, Italy

Brent Petrie, Assistant Director, Alaskan Power Authority

Alexis Rivero, Technical Director, Latin American Energy Organization

Sergei Roginko, Head of Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences

Yuri Rudenko, Head of the Dept., Physico and Technical Problems of Energetics, Russian Academy of Sciences

Hans Stackgard, Chief Engineer, Asea Brown Boveri

Dennis Woodford, Exec. Director, Manitoba HVDC Research Center

Michael Hesse Wolfe, International Energy Systems Consultant

Norio Yamamoto, Director, Japanese Global Infrastructure Fund

Victor Yershevich, Chief Engineer, Energoset Project, Russia

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