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Translating GENI Pages

GENI is looking for volunteers who are native speakers of various languages to translate articles from the GENI web site.

You don't have to translate everything -- every contribution helps. Even if you only want to translate a single article into a single language, that will be helpful. We'll keep it all indexed on the GENI site by language (see the Issues page, or click on one of the flags).

If you are fluent in another language but don't have time to translate, maybe you'd be willing to copy edit. To insure high quality GENI has every translated article copy edited by at least one other fluent speaker.

Which Articles Should I Translate?

If there's a particular article or articles that you really want to translate, just e-mail GENI to coordinate with our Webmaster. If nobody has signed up for that article in that language, perfect.

If GENI can get only one article translated into a given language, our preference would be to do the 6 Questions page first. But, you're volunteering. It's really up to you. If you have a bit more time the next things to do would be the GENI overview, then the endorsements. But again, volunteer for as little or as much as you have time for.

Any Guidelines?

To insure high quality translations here are some guidelines.

  • GENI articles contain highly idiomatic English, and some pretty specific energy industry technical references. Make sure you know what you're doing when you translate these. If you're not sure what is meant by a particular word, phrase or acronym, ask GENI and we'll explain it.
  • Preserve all links, pictures, etc. as is.
  • Submit your translations in HTML format without any page formatting.
  • When GENI receives your translation, GENI will send it to a volunteer copy editor who may make some changes. Every article will be copy edited before it is posted.
  • To avoid two people translating the same document, don't start translating until you've gotten e-mail confirmation from GENI.
  • All articles will be credited as written by the original author(s) and will have your name as translator when they are published.
  • If you are translating to a Latin-alphabet language, please spell any names the same way as it is spelled in English. In non-Latin alphabets, please transliterate as closely as possible. (For example, some languages have native ways to say "Joel" because it is a biblical name; spell it the way it appears in the old testament, e.g. JoŽl in French.)
  • Translating GENI articles does not automatically give you the right to publish them elsewhere. Please ask GENI for permission if you want to publish your translation elsewhere.

What's in Progress?

To see a list of work already in progress visit the continuously updated Language Sign-up page. To sign-up, e-mail GENI.

To receive an occasional message when GENI publishes a major new article, please subscribe to the GENI mailing list.

The translation links below work only in MS IE).

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