een wereldwijd elektriciteitsnet een oplossing voor veel problemen  GENI es una institución de investigación y educación-enfocada en la interconexión de rejillas de electricidad entre naciones.  ??????. ????????????????????????????????????  nous proposons la construction d’un réseau électrique reliant pays et continents basé sur les ressources renouvelables  Unser Planet ist mit einem enormen Potential an erneuerbaren Energiequellen - Da es heutzutage m` glich ist, Strom wirtschaftlich , können diese regenerativen Energiequellen einige der konventionellen betriebenen Kraftwerke ersetzen.  한국어/Korean  utilizando transmissores de alta potência em áreas remotas, e mudar a força via linha de transmissões de alta-voltagem, podemos alcançar 7000 quilómetros, conectando nações e continentes    
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Grid Integration of Renewables

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Articles on Grid Integration of Renewables

  • Middle East And North African Countries To Spend Billions On Smart Grids, Solar Integration
    Jun 25, 2014 -

    Middle East and North African (MENA) countries will spend billions of dollars over the next decade to modernize their electric grids and add solar generation resources, according to a new study by Northeast Group LLC.

  • COLUMN-Super-grid: China masters long-distance power transmission: Kemp
    Jun 19, 2014 - John Kemp -

    (Reuters) - China's power engineers have become world leaders in ultra-high-voltage transmission systems connecting far-off power sources with cities hungry for electricity.

  • EPRI Reveals Its Worldview on the Integrated Electrical Grid
    Apr 22, 2014 - Eric Wesoff -

    “What's happening at the edge of the grid will affect what’s happening at the transmission level.”

  • Time to Rightsize the Grid?
    Apr 14, 2014 - Peter Fairlay -

    Last week a team of systems scientists known for counter-intuitive insights on power grids delivered a fresh one that questions one of the tenets of grid design: bigger grids, they argue, may not make for better grids.

  • How to Build a Clean Energy Grid
    Jan 14, 2014 - John Jimison, Bill White and Ben Paulos -

    As part of their regional webinar series, Americans for a Clean Energy Grid is hosting a free webinar on transmission issues and opportunities in the PJM region. Register here for the January 24th session.

  • India is now one nation, one grid - Jan 1, 2014
    Utpal Bhaskar, Amrit Raj, Arundhati Ramanathan -

    New Delhi/Chennai: In a potential game-changer, South India has joined the national electricity grid, completing the integration of the entire country into one seamless network for delivering power to consumers.

  • Good Electricity Grids Make Good Neighbors
    November 20, 2013 - Daniel Kammen of University of California -

    Today we face a different situation, where “front lines” of conflict have blurred and disappeared, and non-state actors dominate the threat-scape. Instability in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Kenya, Somalia, and elsewhere requires a different form of engagement. Important steps have been made in peace-building and post-conflict resolution, but so far we have not taken advantage of a major opportunity to use some of our greatest infrastructure investments to build peaceful, prosperous, and cooperative regional economies.

  • Renewable HVDC 'Supergrid' Concept Has Staying Power
    Oct 25, 2013 -

    Modern electricity transmission grids use alternating current (AC) to transport energy from large, centralized generating plants – powered principally by coal, oil, gas, and nuclear energy – to the major load centers. However, as concerns have grown about the environmental impact of carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and about the safety of nuclear installations, there has been a strong reciprocal escalation of political pressure to increase the amount of renewable energy used to power our world.

  • Thousands of German Cities and Villages Looking to Buy Back Their Power Grids
    Oct 11, 2013 - Matthias B. Krause -

    What do Boulder, Colorado and Hamburg, Germany have in common? Boulder, Colorado and Hamburg, Germany don't seem to have too much in common. One is a small, green-minded city at the foothills of the Rockies, the other one is the second biggest metropolis in Germany with almost 1.8 million people, defined by its busy harbor.

  • Virtual Power Plants: A New Model for Renewables Integration
    Sep 30, 2011 - Tildy Bayar, Associate Editor -

    With distributed energy generation growing and increasing amounts of renewable power coming onto the grid, new technologies and business models are helping to balance loads, smooth variability and integrate diverse resources.

  • Building the supergrid
    May 21, 2013 - Peter Larsson -

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology researchers are helping to ensure that the power grids of the future meet the new demands created by renewable energy.

  • The Best is Yet to Come: Electric Cars Connect to the Grid
    Apr 29, 2013 - News

    For the first time, electric cars are feeding electricity to the grid and making money on it!

  • Qatar to add renewables to electricity grid
    May 24, 2013 - Nilima Choudhury -

    Qatari energy distributor Kahramaa has announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding granting approval for Qatar Foundation’s Solar Smart Grid Project Connectivity to be connected to Kahramaa's main grid.

  • Elpipes for the High Capacity Backbone of an Asian Grid
    Roger Faulkner, President;Electric Pipeline Corporation, One Marina Park Drive, Boston MA USA - Now 2011

    Elpipes are polymer-insulated underground HVDC electric pipelines based on metallic conductors. Elpipes use relatively rigid extruded conductors designed for higher capacity and efficiency than are practical for overhead power lines. Rigid insulation may be used. In this paper, we discuss the technical trade-offs for elpipes, and application of elpipes to linking load centers to remote dispatchable hydro power, energy storage sites, and large dispatchable loads, to achieve load leveling through non-local storage and dispatchable loads, via the HVDC grid. Elpipes with voltage source converters (VSC) enable placing many AC/DC power taps on a single HVDC loop. It is advantageous to build up a continental scale HVDC grid from local loops that tie together 10-20 taps.

  • RENEWABLE ENERGY: Clinton calls for rebuilding U.S. electric grid to carry more wind and solar power
    Dec 13, 2012 - Daniel Cusick -

    CHICAGO -- Former President Clinton supports extending the production tax credit (PTC) for wind energy as part of a plan to build a national electricity grid that could move hundreds of thousands of megawatts of trapped wind and solar power from sparsely populated states to urban markets.

  • Germany’s $123 Million Power Line Aids Nuclear Exit, Merkel Says
    Dec 18, 2012 - Stefan Nicola -

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel said a $123 million electricity line that took a decade to develop will improve supply security, transmitting renewable energy from north to south and helping the nation phase out nuclear power.

  • Ending India's Massive Power Grid Outages
    Nov 1, 2012 - Darchan Goswami -

    On July 30th and 31st the world's largest blackout -- The Great Indian Outage -- stretching from New Delhi to Kolkata occurred. This blackout caused by northern power grid failure had put nearly 700 million people -- twice the population of the U.S. without electricity. A grid failure of this magnitude has thrown light on the massive demand for power in a country and its struggle to generate much-needed power supply.
  • WGA seeks ways to add renewables
    Jul 15, 2012 - Bill Opalka -

    Greater amounts of renewable energy are continually being added to the power mix in the Western states, so ways to integrate those resources are paramount.

  • Germany Plans 3800-Kilometer, $25 Billion Transmission Network for Wind Power
    May 30, 2012 - Dave Levitan -

    Fresh off the record-setting solar weekend in Germany, the country's transmission operators say plans are in the works for a huge transmission line buildout to accommodate growing wind power resources.

  • With changes, the grid can take it
    Dec. 5, 2011 - David L. Chandler -

    MIT report shows that with new policies, U.S. electric grid could handle expected influx of electric cars and wind and solar generation..

  • Landau: Israel and Cyprus to link electricity grids
    Dec. 12, 2011 - Guy Katsovich -

    The Minister of National Infrastructures said that a cable joining the Israeli and Cypriot grids would provide mutual backup.

  • How to build a better electric grid
    Dec. 5, 2011 - Ucilia Wang -

    Efforts to modernize the U.S. electric grid in recent years have emerged in the form of a hodgepodge of pilot projects, the installation of new technology and hefty financial backing from the U.S. government and private investors. How to plan for such a big change is a daunting task. MIT released a report on Monday that looks at some of the challenges (and opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors and utilities) and solutions to solve them.

  • Stormy sun could knock out power grids - report
    Dec. 2, 2011 - Ethan Bilby -

    (Reuters) - An upcoming cycle of stormy solar activity risks causing damage to electrical transformers and threatening vulnerable energy infrastructure around the globe, a report by an insurance group says.

  • Big Growth Expected For High-Voltage Transmission Sector
    Dec. 5, 2011 -

    Investment in high-voltage transmission (greater than 345 kV) in the U.S. is expected to top $41 billion over the next 10 years, with more than 40% of it being made in just the first three years, according to a study from IHS Emerging Energy Research.

  • The Future of the Electric Grid
    Dec. 12, 2011 -

    Grid research by MIT is a “must read” for San Diego."

  • New Lab to Help Utilities 'See' Grid of the Future
    Dec. 6, 2011 - Heather Lammers -

    With the simple flick of a light switch, you are connected to "the machine."

  • U.S. power grid needs cybersecurity shield: report
    Dec. 5, 2011 - Deborah Zabarenko -

    (Reuters) - The threat of cyberattacks on the U.S. power grid should be dealt with by a single federal agency, not the welter of groups now charged with the electric system's security, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reported on Monday.

  • Sri Lanka Plans To Set Up Undersea Power Power Grid Link With India
    Aug. 29, 2011 -

    (RTTNews) - Sri Lanka is planning to set up a power grid connection between the island nation and India which is facing growing requirement for electricity, Sri Lankan High Commissioner to India Prasad Kariyawasam Sunday said in Bengaluru, reports said.

  • Jinping- Sunan ±800kV UHV DC Transmission Project Progresses Smoothly
    Aug. 23, 2011 - Bai Minghui, Wang Xin -

    " In order to ensure the timely delivery of the power from the hydropower station in Guandi and Jinping and alleviate the power shortage effectively in Eastern China, we will further clarify the objective of Jinping- Sunan ±800 KV UHV DC Transmission Project to ensure its bipolar operation in 2012." Vice Executive President Zhen Baosen made the request on August 1st, during the construction meeting in Yulong Converter Station in Xichang, Sichuan, where the project started.

  • Jonathan Approves Construction Of 765KV Super Grid Network
    Jul. 9, 2011 - Juliet Alohan -

    President Goodluck Jonathan has approved the construction of 765KV super-grid transmission network to address the nation’s power challenge, Minister of Power, Prof. Barth Nnaji, has disclosed.

  • The Need for a National Smart Grid
    Oct. 1, 2011 - Duncan Gromko -

    GE recently announced a new phase to its six month, $200 million dollar smart grid challenge, this one bringing smart grid technology into the home. This follows Vice President Joe Biden’s 2009 declaration that $3.3 billion of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act would be invested in researching smart grid technology. These investments, both public and private, are critical to address the economic, security, and environmental risks that our current electrical power grid poses. However, investment alone is insufficient: better coordination between utilities and regulators is also needed to improve our national electricity grid.

  • Interconnected European offshore grid will save billions of Euros
    Oct. 5, 2011 -

    New results on offshore electricity grid infrastructure in Europe: the EU "OffshoreGrid" project analysis reveals tremendous cost saving potential.

  • European supergrid could slash cost of renewables
    Sept. 22, 2011 - Daniel Mason -

    The United Kingdom could more effectively balance its electricity supply and demand by connecting the network to a European supergrid – potentially cutting the cost of building offshore wind farms by a quarter, a group of MPs in the House of Commons said today..

  • UK MPs hail cost and social benefits of North Sea supergrid
    Sept. 22, 2011 - Karl-Erik Stromsta -

    An influential group of UK members of parliament warns that without a North Sea supergrid, the social and financial barriers to meeting Britain’s long-term renewables targets will be significantly higher – and potentially insurmountable.

  • A Marshall Plan to Build a Smart Grid -- in China
    Sept. 18, 2011 - James Greenberger -

    I wrote in last week’s column about the three most interesting insights into the future of grid-connected energy storage offered last week at the 2011 NAATBatt Annual Meeting and Conference by David Mohler, chief technology officer of Duke Energy. It occurred to me after posting my article that I neglected one other important insight. The fourth insight came not from David’s speech but from where he went after his speech: David is in China this week exploring commercial opportunities, undoubtedly trying to find ways to monetize Duke’s expertise in power technology..

  • Technology Cost Review: Grid Parity for Renewables?
    Sept. 2, 2011 -

    Research from the University of Melbourne's Energy Research Institute predicts that the price of wind and solar energy will continue to fall. The Institute's Renewable Energy Technology Cost Review covers the current and future costs of three forms of renewable energy technology - photovoltaic (PV), wind and concentrating solar thermal (CST) - by comparing data from a range of international and Australia-specific studies.

  • Electric Vehicles Present Challenges For Distribution Grids
    Oct. 16, 2011 - Dr. Russell Lefevre -

    Increased worldwide interest in electric-vehicle (EV) deployment has led many researchers to consider the effects wide-scale adoption will have on the electric grid. Most experts have concluded that there is enough generation and transmission capacity to accommodate the expected number of EVs, at least in the near term.

  • Vehicle-to-Grid Technology: Electric Cars Become Power-Grid Batteries
    Oct. 27, 2011 - Lesley Evans Ogden -

    Imagine a car that runs quietly, burns no gas, produces no emissions, stores renewable energy, and sometimes even pays you back. Seem like a pipe dream? Soon it won’t be. Vehicle-to-grid technology allows networks of electric vehicles (EVs) to function like a giant battery with an intelligent software interface feeding power from car to grid or grid to car on an as-needed basis. It’s now one step closer to U.S. commercialization.

  • Bangladesh and India shaping South Asia Power Grid
    Nov 17, 2011 - reported that Bangladesh and India are working together to draw the contours of the proposed South Asia Power Grid, even as the two countries are set to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the energy sector during Indian prime minister Mr Manmohan Singh's visit to Bangladesh on Sep 6 to 7.

  • To Build a Better Grid
    Nov 4, 2011 - Mark McDonald -

    JEJU, SOUTH KOREA — Lim Ki-choo has lived most of his life in a modest stucco house on Jeju, this pleasant freckle of an island off the southern tip of South Korea. He was a village leader in days gone by, and before that he ran a bank for local fishermen. All of which suggests that Mr. Lim, 84, has a certain standing here. Yet, he says, he’ll be damned if he can figure out how to work the controller the electric company gave him that runs all the new gizmos in his house.

  • Butte College to Become First Grid-Positive College in the US
    Nov 4, 2011 -

    Butte College, located in Northern California and resting on a 928-acre wildlife refuge, has been recognized over the last few years as a national community college leader in sustainability. By May 2011, the college will move to the head of its class--as the only college in the nation that is grid positive--producing more clean energy from sustainable on-site solar power than it uses.

  • Switched on to mini grids
    Oct 20, 2011 - Simon Rolland -

    A BILLION AND a half people around the world still don't have access to electricity. Could hybrid mini grids be the best way to provide electricity – particularly to rural, often isolated, areas?

  • Son launches Japan renewables push with Asia 'supergrid' call
    Oct 5, 2011 -

    Launching the Japan Renewable Energy Foundation (JREF), Masayoshi Son, Softbank’s founder and chief executive, claimed the country could shift 60% of its power production to renewables over the next two decades with the help of a ¥2 trillion national onshore and offshore transmission network.

  • Power import from India as planned
    Oct 5, 2011 -

    The import of 250 megawatt electricity from India will go ahead as planned, the government said yesterday, dispelling media reports that it could be delayed due to opposition over use of land in Paschimbanga for installing power transmission line.

  • Guest Post: The $200 Billion Energy Question
    Sep 27, 2011 - Rosalind Jackson -

    The U.S. stands at an energy crossroads. With or without new direction from policymakers, huge sums will be invested in the electricity system as aging infrastructure is replaced and new infrastructure is built to meet our country’s growing energy needs. In the 11 states that comprise the Western Interconnect, that amounts to more than $200 billion over the next two decades.

  • Solar power boost to National Grid
    Sep 12, 2011 - Chamikara Weerasinghe -

    Power and Energy Minister Champika Ranawaka yesterday said they have arranged to introduce the first main grid connected solar power plant in the Hambantota District.

  • More Than 1200 MW Set To Enter European Grid
    Sep 1, 2011 - Meg Cichon -

    Grid connectivity is a lingering issue for renewables. Many ideal sources for renewable power tend to be in remote areas with no line access or densely populated areas with undersized, or already over-powered transmission.

  • U.S. BLM Approves Four Projects Use of Public Land to Connect Renewable Energy to Power Grid
    Aug 19, 2011 - Eboom Staff -

    The United States Department of Interior's Bureau of Land Management approved four new projects to run transmission lines through public land to transport electricity from large-scale renewable energy projects to the power grid.

  • Department of Energy Commits Support for Landmark Rooftop Solar Project
    Aug 9, 2011 -

    Largest Rooftop Project in U.S. History Will Enable Wide Distribution of Solar Power Across Country While Creating at Least a Thousand Jobs

  • Solarcentury connects UK's largest solar system to national grid
    Aug 5, 2011 - Chris Whitmore -

    Solarcentury has broken new ground in the UK solar industry by connecting the nation's largest solar system to the grid. The 748kW array is comprised of over 3,000 panels and will produce enough electricity to power one-quarter of the Oxfordshire business park in which it is located.

  • First College in US Generates Income Selling Solar to the Grid
    Aug 3, 2011 -

    Butte College, near Sacramento, California is the first college in the US to be ‘grid positive' - it generates more electricity than it needs from its solar arrays and thus can deliver energy to the electric grid, making a tidy profit.

  • South Asia’s energy quest could reshape region
    Jul 14, 2011 - Rama Lakshmi -

    New Delhi — India and its Himalayan neighbor Nepal are set to build a massive power transmission line across their border, a step toward addressing rising energy needs in a region that analysts say has been held back economically by political distrust.

  • Plugging High-Speed Rail Into Germany’s Power Grid
    Jul 13, 2011 - Michael Scott Moore -

    Using rail lines for the energy grid may help a suddenly nuclear-shy Germany transition to wider use of renewable sources.

  • Viewpoints: How electrical 'microgrids' might revolutionize power transmission
    Jul 2, 2011 - Peter Asmus -

    The Sacramento Municipal Utility District has long been seen as a clean technology pioneer. After all, this is a utility that shuttered a nuclear reactor after a public vote in 1989 and has since blazed trails on wind, solar and energy efficiency.

  • U.S. smart grid to cost billions, save trillions
    Jun 29, 2011 -

    (Reuters) - A planned modernization of the U.S. national power grid will cost up to $476 billion over the next 20 years but will provide up to $2 trillion in customer benefits over that time, according to industry experts.

  • Maui selected for smart-grid demonstration
    June 5, 2011 -

    WAILUKU - Maui has been selected as the site for a "smart grid" renewable energy demonstration project, with an investment of approximately $37 million from the Japan-based New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, Hawaiian Electric Co. announced Wednesday afternoon.

  • California's Grid Plan Ready for Renewable Power Influx
    June 5, 2011 -

    The California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO) Board of Governors yesterday approved the 2010-2011 Transmission Plan that includes 33 grid upgrades for addressing future reliability and policy-driven needs worth $1.2 billion. The approval provides a timely decision that will aid renewable power projects seeking financing. The ISO accelerated its planning process by six months so that American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects could meet eligibility criteria.

  • How Will the California System Operator Cope With 33% Renewables?
    June 5, 2011 -

    To meet California’s new standard requiring the state to get 33 percent of its power from renewables by 2020, the grid operator will have to stop talking about the weather and do something about it. The California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO) just brought its Mission Critical Wing, a new high tech control center, on line to do that.

  • Energy Grid Integration
    Mar 27, 2011 -

    NREL Integration Effort Focused on the Market

  • California ISO Board Approves Two Ways to Green the Grid
    May 18, 2010 - Business Wire

    The California ISO Board of Governors today approved two key changes that will help integrate renewable generating resources like wind, solar and geothermal onto the power grid faster and more efficiently. As California adds more renewable generation, these resources will replace some of the conventional generation that California has relied on for decades. The shift promises significant environmental benefits, but it also poses challenges because renewable resources are often located in remote areas. Additionally, wind and solar produce energy intermittently.

  • Keeping the Lights On While Transforming Electric Utilities
    Feb 19, 2010 - Lena Hansen & Amory B. Lovins - Rocky Mountain Institute

    Electric utilities operate now much as they did a century ago—but the environment in which they operate is changing dramatically.

  • Plugging Highway Vehicles into the Electric Grid
    Feb 19, 2010 - Lauren Morello - Climatewire   

    If enough plug-in electric vehicles communicate with the grid, they could provide cheap storage for excess electricity

  • Planning the 'smart grid'
    Feb 8, 2010 - Billings Gazette, Billings,

    Borgquist doesn't build wind farms, rather he's got a plan for collecting and transmitting wind power. Ultimately, he hopes to gather enough wind-generated electricity to equal the output of Hoover Dam, or two coal-fired power plants at Colstrip.

  • No wires, no juice
    Jan 19, 2010 - Bill Opalka - renewablesbiz

    After nearly two years of speeches, announcements and attention from all parts of the energy and other media, oilman and wind power booster T. Boone Pickens last week shelved his plans for a massive wind-power project in Texas when he cut his order for GE turbines in half, from 667 units to 333. So I asked a transmission group what it would take to get projects like Pickens and others moving again. After all, large, sometimes multi-state transmission projects are what's needed to deliver energy from massive wind farms to load centers. Naturally, we focused on a discussion of pending federal energy legislation and regulations, which will also be considered at the EnergyBiz Leadership Forum.

  • NV Energy and Great Basin Transmission bring Nevada transmission in line with renewables
    Jan 12, 2010 - NewNet

    NYSE-listed holding company NV Energy and Great Basin Transmission, an affiliate of LS Power, have signed an agreement to jointly own a 500KV transmission line, which will provide access to isolated renewable energy resources in parts of northern and eastern Nevada.

  • California processing 244 proposals for renewable energy facilities
    Jan 04, 2010 -

    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says the projects represent 70,000 MW of capacity that will help the state meet its 2020 goal of one-third of power from renewables.

  • China's green energy goes to waste in distribution bottleneck
    Dec 22, 2009 - Xinhua

    Green electricity from north China's growing wind power generators is being wasted because the country's power grid cannot absorb it, power experts have said.

  • SGCC plans to build mega power carrier in Inner Mongolia
    Dec 16, 2009 - Xinhua

    State Grid Corp of China(SGCC), a major power grid operator, plans to build next year an ultra-high volt-age carrier that will transmit electricity generated by wind and thermal power plants in Inner Mongolia to Jiangsu Province, China Daily reported Thursday.

  • NM shows snapshot of energy transmission potential
    Dec 2, 2009 - Susan Montoya Bryan - The Associated Press

    State legislators, utilities and energy producers now have the first snapshot of how renewable energy sources fit with New Mexico's transmission potential thanks to months of data gathering by the state Renewable Energy Transmission Authority.

  • FERC Enters a Maze of Questions About Renewable Energy Transmission
    Nov 23, 2009 - Peter Behr - The New York Times

    The spread of wind and solar power is being held back by fragmented policies on paying for new transmission lines to carry renewable energy, said a group of leading transmission providers in a petition to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

  • Tom Konrad: We need transmission!
    Nov 22, 2009 - Marc Gunther - The Energy Collective

    Today’s guest post comes from Tom Konrad, Ph.D., an investment analyst specializing in clean energy.  Tom, who is 40, and calls himself a policy wonk, lives in Denver and writes about stock market investments in clean energy at his excellent blog, Tom wrote this article  in response to a column by John Farrell (which we published here) arguing that localized, distributed renewable energy sources are preferable to  massive transmission lines. Tom’s response  first appeared on his blog Clean Energy Wonk, where he writes about energy policy and economics.  John replied in the comments there if you want to dig deeper into this controversy.

  • Making Renewables Reliable
    Nov 18, 2009 - Matthew L. Wald - Teh New York Times

    TECHNOLOGY and policy are coming together to promise electricity as abundant as sunshine and as freely available as the breeze — and about as fickle.
  • Wind energy companies looking for lines
    Nov 13, 2009 - UPI - DES MOINES, Iowa,

    Proposed multistate transmission lines carrying wind-generated electricity from the Midwest are a vital next step in U.S. energy efforts, experts say.

  • Rooftop solar cells blossom, posing new challenges for power grid
    Nov 09, 2009- North County Times

    Solar power installations are sprouting on California rooftops like leaves in the spring, but all that renewable energy poses new problems for the aging power grid.

  • Hawaii plans undersea power cable
    Oct 30, 2009 - Mark Niesse - The Associated Press

    Hawaii is moving forward with plans to build an undersea cable to carry wind-generated electricity from Maui County to power-hungry Honolulu.

  • Wind energy's success creates a power grid challenge
    Oct 29, 2009 - Matthew Preusch - Oregon

    The rows of white turbines spinning over wheat fields and ridgelines in eastern Oregon are ample evidence that renewable energy from wind is real and growing.

  • GE, Whirlpool and Others Launch Smart Green Grid Initiative Aimed at Including Smart Grid in Copenhagen Meetings
    Oct 20, 2009 - Smart Green Grid

    GE, Whirlpool Corporation and a number of other companies today announced the creation of a new collaborative effort aimed at demonstrating the role of smart grid technologies and practices in the achievement of climate change goals. Called the Smart Green Grid Initiative (SGGI), the effort will include educational events at the upcoming climate change meetings in Copenhagen. SGGI has been approved by the United Nations to be an official smart grid delegation to the Copenhagen meetings. SGGI will also be sponsoring educational events in the U.S. in the weeks preceding the meetings in Copenhagen.

  • Plan connects U.S. grids to transport solar, wind
    Oct 13, 2009 - Martin LaMonica -

    A proposal to use superconducting cables to transport renewable energy across the United States will be unveiled Tuesday.

  • IREC Releases the 6th Edition of its Connecting to the Grid Guide
    Oct 7, 2009 - IREC

    The sixth edition of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council's (IREC) Connecting to the Grid Guide is now available online. This guide provides a comprehensive introduction to a span of topics that relate to grid-tied renewable energy sources. The sixth edition has been revised to include information on IREC's recently updated model procedures, alternative billing arrangements for net me