een wereldwijd elektriciteitsnet een oplossing voor veel problemen  GENI es una institución de investigación y educación-enfocada en la interconexión de rejillas de electricidad entre naciones.  ??????. ????????????????????????????????????  nous proposons la construction d’un réseau électrique reliant pays et continents basé sur les ressources renouvelables  Unser Planet ist mit einem enormen Potential an erneuerbaren Energiequellen - Da es heutzutage m` glich ist, Strom wirtschaftlich , können diese regenerativen Energiequellen einige der konventionellen betriebenen Kraftwerke ersetzen.  한국어/Korean  utilizando transmissores de alta potência em áreas remotas, e mudar a força via linha de transmissões de alta-voltagem, podemos alcançar 7000 quilómetros, conectando nações e continentes    
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Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller Order Bucky Products Online
GENI offers a money-back guarantee on all products we sell.
GENI offers products not readily available in your local stores.

GENI Products

GENI's 10-minute PC animation shows the major issues of a global electrical grid.

GENI CD-ROM: There Is No Energy Crisis

GENI's newest CD shows the major issues of a global electrical grid. (Order)
Free for viewing on our website.

This beautiful CD Includes:

  • 6 minute GENI video by Emmy Award-winning team
  • multimedia animations describing the GENI initiative
  • Get interactive info on:
    • existing energy grids
    • Bucky Fuller
    • population and energy
    • renewable energy
    • the latest up-to-date renewable energy cost trends
    • key endorsements and
    • benefits of building a global electricity grid

    Further information (Order)

Requires QuickTime 4.0.1 viewing capability and either:

  • PC (Pentium II, Windows 98/NT 4.0, 24-bit video card, sound card, 800x600 screen resolution with 16 bit color), or
  • Mac (Power PC, Mac OS v8.1, sound card, 24-bit video card, 800x600 screen resolution with thousands of colors)
    CD-ROM only.

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GENI Technical Package -- For the engineer and policy maker, a compendium of analysis and proposals from IEEE, World Bank and the United Nations.

GENI Technical Package

A compendium of reports, maps, thoughtful analysis, endorsements, and policy proposals from IEEE, World Bank and the United Nations, all freely available on our website or in print for a fee. (Order)

For the engineer, advisor, policy maker, and public official alike, this package includes:

  • a copy of each of the GENI Newsletters
  • selected reprints of articles found on the GENI web site (and some that haven't made it to the site yet) from media around the world.

Get the meat of the GENI web site - in print.

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Fuller Projection Air-Ocean World Dymaxion Map -- Beautiful four color poster (34 inches X 22 inches).

Fuller Projection Air-Ocean World Dymaxion Map

The Dymaxion™ Air-Ocean World map, invented by R. Buckminster fuller, shows our planet without any visible distortion of relative shapes and sizes of the land and sea areas, and without any breaks in the continental contours. A favorite with Bucky fans, schools, students of all ages, and parents. Get one for each of the kids and one for you too. (Order)  

The Air-Ocean World Dymaxion Map includes major rivers, cities and mean low temperature gradients. Although people easily live in hotter weather by sweating, low temperatures determine their need for shelter. (Order)

Enjoy this beautiful four color poster (34" X 22")(86cm X 56cm) printed on heavy-gauge paper from the moment you receive it. It's perfect for framing or laminating. (Order)

Don't waste another day looking at other distorted projections of the earth. This map is the world's most accurate global projection. It has at most a 2% distortion at any one place. (Order)

(Edges of icosa triangles equal to: 1:47,000,000 scale; 63° 26'; 3806 nautical miles; 8.5 jet aircraft hours; 7 ship days). R. Buckminster Fuller and Shoji Sadeo, Cartographers. (U.S. Patent 2,393,676)

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Our Spaceship Earth Satellite Self Portrait Dymaxion Map -- spectacular -- must be seen -- a truly stunning, cloud-free image of our worldOur Spaceship Earth:
One Island in One Ocean ... from space

Satellite Self Portrait Dymaxion Map

Fondly called Our Spaceship Earth, this map combines the latest in natural color satellite photograph technology with the accuracy of the Fuller Projection to create a truly stunning, cloud-free image of our world. (Order)

The Satellite Self-Portrait Dymaxion Map shows a remarkable cloud-free view of Earth was produced by mosaicking hundreds of individual satellite images acquired from the NOAA (US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) series of weather satellites which orbit the earth at an altitude of 520 miles (820 km).

Once the base satellite mosaic had been completed, the land areas were enhanced with shaded-relief imagery bringing the Earth's topography to life. For the ocean areas, WorldSat incorporated ocean floor relief data enhanced with SST (Sea Surface Temperature) data, which revealed major ocean currents across the Earth.

Richly colored blues, greens and ambers glow against a deep, matte black background. Sunlight is fixed at 45 degrees over the horizon in a north north-east orientation, creating a uniform shadow that clarifies relief for an excellent delineation of the mountains, plains and ocean floor features. (Order)

Scale: approximately 1:43,520,000 (at the Equator). 1" = 686 miles, 1cm = 435 km. Digital Image Processing by Robert Gray and Jim Knighton, on a SGI workstation. The satellite version of the Fuller Projection © 2002 Buckminster Fuller Institute and Jim Knighton.  Coordinate transformation software written by Robert W. Gray and modified by Jim Knighton. (Order)

This fabulous map is printed on 36" x 24" (92cm x 61cm) extra heavy-gauge high-gloss paper.

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Dymaxion Globe Fold-Up Puzzle

Make Your Own World!

Folded from the Our Air-Ocean World Dymaxion Map, this 6" icosahedral (20-sided) globe generates conversation on global issues and solutions. (Order)

Fuller's Projection Method

This fold-up globe is based on R.Buckminster Fuller's world map. Fuller created several world maps in his attempts to create a visually accurate flat rendition of a sherical globe. His final version was based on the icosahedron, a polyhedron with 20 equilateral triangular faces. Fuller first published his icosahedral version of the map in 1954. This is a fold-up globe based on his icosahedral world map. (Order)

An Accurate Tool

All flat world map representations of a sherical globe contain some amount of distortion either in shape, area, distance, or direction measurements. On the well-known Mercator world map, Greenland appears to be three times its corresponding globe size and Antarctica appears as a long thin white strip along the bottom edge of the map. Even the popular Robinson Projection, now used in many schools, still contains a large amount of distortion with Greenland 60 percent larger than its corresponding globe size. (Order)

A New Perception of Earth

If a world map presents visually obvious distortions of our world, then our perceptions and presumtions become distorted. Every projection must make certain compromises as information is transferred from a spherical globe to a flat surface. As early as 1927, R. Buckminster Fuller began to search for and develop an accurate 2-dimensional world map. The Fuller Projection enables us to visualize the planet's surface in a single view without visually obvious distortions of the relative shapes, sizes or connections of the continents. (Order)

Teaches tactile skills, geometry, cartography, and a new perception of earth. Excellent for home schooling too! (Order)

Hang from the ceiling or a mobile, or place on your desk or table. Easy to build. Stand included. Ready to assemble with complete instructions. A great gift for ages 8 and up. (Order)

Globe and packaging made from recycled paper.

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GENI T-Shirts

Spaceship Earth Crewmember — Full color Spaceship Earth Crewmember T-shirt with the Satellite Dymaxion Map™. This shirt is guaranteed to get attention and conversation. Great for parties, Earth Day and other fun occasions. (Order)  

White t-shirt with full color satellite map and print in black. Soft cotton-polyester blend (60% cotton / 40% poly).

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GENI Annual Membership

You'll receive documentation and support literature on the Global Energy Grid proposal and monthly e-mail updates on the status of this discussion around the world. (Order)

Receive information at least 6 months before it is shown on the GENI web site. (Webmaster's note: the letter, articles, and info often surprise me!) (Order)

Along with your Membership request, you get a free copy of the latest GENI newsletter, a copy of the GENI CD-ROM: There Is No Energy Crisis, a brief history of GENI, and current articles from the monthly GENI Donor Letter.(To receive the monthly GENI Donor Letter mailed to you, a minimum $10US monthly pledge is required.)

Don't be left out of the loop when the latest GENI news breaks!

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GENI Computer Animation: Linking the World Electrically

GENI's 10-minute PC animation shows the major issues of a global electrical grid, without the delay and hassle of long Internet download times.

Created by Russ Hoffman of the Animated Software Company, the GENI Animation includes a Dymaxion Map world puzzle game — which allows you to build the Dymaxion World Map piece by piece!

Minimum Requirments: PC-compatible computer, DOS or Windows, 1 MB SVGA, VESA 1.2 graphics card and 2.6 MB XMS or EMS memory. CD-ROM media format.

(Webmaster's note: we have run this successfully from a 286 PC from DOS and with Windows 3.1 and a SVGA video card, after loading the appropriate VESA drivers. The colors and quality are great even with low powered equipment. — great work Russ!)

Click Here to Download or Watch here

Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller Order Bucky Products Online
GENI offers a money-back guarantee on all products we sell.
GENI offers products not readily available in your local stores.

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