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The GENI-us Letter

Interns Change the World

Dear GENI Friend,

GENI is always looking for ways to leverage our time, staff and money to make the biggest positive impact on our planet. One of our best resources has come from interns who come to GENI from around the world to work for 2 - 6 months. After assessing their skills, goals, and desires, we identify projects for them to pursue in several possible areas: international marketing, research and writing, web site development, special projects and administration.

GENI has several incredibly bright students right now, and we'd like to highlight a few of their projects:

  • Bruno Cosso identified the leading members of the E-8 (the 8 largest utilities in the world) and prepared a package to send those executives prior to the World Energy Conference (cover letter).

  • Eleanore Queneudec studied the Renewable Energy Potential of India, wrote an Executive Summary and helped market that report to decision-makers throughout India.

  • Alberic Davet expanded our Endorsement Campaign by inviting the Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People to consider endorsing the GENI Initiative. (See attached letter)

  • Leslie Hunter is researching the resurgence of nuclear power in the Middle East and investigating how solar energy could meet all that new electricity demand without nuclear waste or proliferation issues.

  • Sascha Garzke is conducting market comparisons of the KLD Global Climate 100 Index, offering finer distinctions on the benefits of this new climate investment option.

  • Freya Reynolds is studying the environmental positions of the major world religions and how the climate change issue might involve them more in the GENI strategy.

There are many more, and this work can be seen throughout the GENI web site.

This represents a few of the important projects in which GENI interns are involved. We've found that bright students perform high quality work when you give them a big enough reason. We have new interns starting this summer, so if you have specific ideas that might make a good project for research or marketing, send me a note. We are fortunate to have so many top tier students who are committed to making a difference for all of us.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen


p.s. If you know a person who would like to intern with GENI, send us their resume.

p.p.s. Please consider renewing your GENI pledge. It will make a real difference in our work.

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The Global Energy Network Institute focuses on the interconnection of electric power networks between nations and continents, with an emphasis on tapping abundant renewable energy resources. This strategy is the highest priority of the World Game simulation developed by Dr. Buckminster Fuller three decades ago.

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