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October 25, 1993

Peace Between the PLO and Israel, The Fastest Way to World Peace is Through World Trade

Dear GENI Friend,

The world events seem to come at us faster than we can absorb the implications. One such breakthrough were the peace agreements between the PLO and Israel. After a half-century of fighting, the Arabs and Israelis have finally decided to try to live in peace.

What made my heart race was the news report just days later by Newsweek magazine. The September 20th issue had an article that discussed the opportunities for Palestinians to rebuild their homeland. Under the heading Dreaming Up Peace Projects, the first of six proposals listed wasPower Grids: Interlocking electricity grids could save Israelis and Arabs millions of dollars. Even I believed this might occur many years in the future. And if it can be done in the Middle East . . .

Last year, Mike Fisher and I met with energy planners from Egypt, Israel and Jordan, and we shared the GENI proposal with them. Maybe, in our own quiet way, GENI helped to bring about this integration. If you recall, John Naisbitt in Megatrends said that the fastest way to world peace is through world trade. He stated that it wasn't good business to shoot at your customer or supplier. Bucky Fuller said that interconnecting electrical networks would help to bring about world peace.

We're working on an article about economic conversion that addresses the job opportunities for many of the unemployed engineers from the defense cutbacks. Much of the engineering expertise, metals fabrication and computer simulation required to build weapons can be redirected into this civilian endeavor. Turning swords into plowshares has always been one of our goals.

Your support makes these results possible.

Thank you,

Peter Meisen
Executive Director

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