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23 March 1994

Affiliates in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore

Dear GENI Friend,

Your commitment and dedication to GENI is being reflected in the strength and quality of our relationships and connections around the world. Our affiliates in Australia and New Zealand continue to expand our relationships with the business community, media and policy makers.

We now have an affiliate office up and running in Singapore. While I was there, GENI members had the opportunity to speak with the President and Minister for Energy of Singapore. Both are now aware of our work because of your support. As one contributor recently commented:

In promoting the interconnection of renewable energy sources, GENI also represents the interconnection of people and business - it just doesn't make sense to shoot your customer or supplier!

As a tax exempt organization GENI is governed by our Board which has scheduled a two day administrative and planning meeting in July. As joint investors in this work, we invite your input. Please contact the office in San Diego to submit your ideas and recommendations.

GENI could not have come this far without your support. Our latest newsletter is an important statement on peace, economic conversion and renewable energy. As you'll see in reading, the job is still far from done. I know of no better way to acknowledge your support than to say Thank You.


Peter Meisen
Executive Director

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GENI is a U.S. Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) Corporation committed to improving the quality of life for everyone without damage to the planet.
GENI Affiliates in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and United States.

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