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GENI Newsletters

GENI Newsletters are published irregularly, and are often much more like policy / research papers than newsletters. Alternatively, they may promote a major GENI event, like the Bucky Centennial Celebration in 1995.

  • Fall Quarter, 2004 Best Renewable Energy Policies from Around the World
    (still in print and available upon request from the GENI office).
    • New Interconnection Projects Link Nations on Every Continent.
    • Governments are the key to Renewable Energy Growth.
    • Enlightened Policies Accelerate Renewable Energy Commercialization.
    • Increase Public R&D Funds.
    • Implementing Standards to Promote R&D.
    • Creating a competitive energy market through fiscal incentives.
    • Increasing Renewables' Economies of Scale.
    • Local Policies.
    • Corporate Commitment.
    • Capacity Development.
    • Kyoto Protocol Insufficient.
    • GENI $60,000 Challenge Grant.
    • What you can do!
    • GENI Support and Products.
  • Fourth Quarter, 2001 There Is No Energy Crisis
    (1.7MB pdf download here and still in print and available from the GENI office)
    • World's Energy Ministers Pledge To...
    • The Earth At Night - a Picture of All Humanity or One.
    • There is no energy shortage. There is no energy crisis. There is a crisis of ignorance.
    • Why stay on the path of pollution when the road to renewables is so clear?
    • What can you do? Contribute and Contact.
    • GENI Support and Products.
  • Second Quarter, 1999 6 Questions towards peace and sustainable development
    (still in print and available upon request from the GENI office).
    • Global Endorsements for the GENI Initiative.
    • Linking Electricity for Peace: A Compelling Global Strategy.
    • India — Pakistan: from Nuclear Explosions to Trading Electricity.
    • What Can You Do?
    • GENI Support & Products: Your Financial Support is Critical to This Work.
  • Second Quarter, 1997 Engineering Peace & Sustainable Development
    • The GRID Initiative: A Compelling Global Strategy.
    • International Attention.
    • Interlocking electrical grids could save Israelis and Arabs millions of dollars.
    • Why Now? What's the Urgency?
    • What Can You Do?
  • Third Quarter, 1995 Buckminster Fuller: A Centennial Symposium & Celebration — Rediscovering the GENIus in Us All
    • The World Game: From Conflict to Cooperation.
    • Dynamic Seminar Leaders.
    • Bucky for Kids — Passing It On To The Next Generation.
    • Closing Ceremony: Commitment & Celebration.
    • The Global Energy Grid is the World Game's Highest Priority.
    • How Can You Participate?
  • Second Quarter, 1995 A Centennial Symposium and Celebration— Rediscovering the GENIus in Us All
    • Buckminster Fuller on the Global Energy Grid.
    • GENI Support and Products.
  • First Quarter, 1995 Why War? Why Not Big Projects?
    • Africa-Europe Electrical Interconnection and Prospects of Worldwide Interconnections.
    • Electricity Reduces Population Growth and Enables Sustainable Development.
    • A Buck-A-Day for Bucky.
    • Your Invitation To Be A GENI-us.
  • First Quarter, 1994 Connecting the World's Electrical Grids.
    • True Economic Conversion — Buckminster Fuller's global strategy offers post Cold War job opportunities.
    • Interconnected Renewable Energy is the Future.
    • Transmission & Distribution International Expo.
    • The Society for Computer Simulation Endorses GENI.
    • My Pledge to Fund the Vision of GENI.
  • First Quarter, 1993 Tapping Remote Renewables — an Opportunity for Transition.
    • World Population vs. Energy Demand.
    • Current Policies vs. Environmental Driven Scenario.
    • Alternative Energy futures.
    • Earth Summit and Climate Change Convention.
    • Industrial CO2 Emissions.
    • Interconnection of Renewable Energy Resources.
    • Call for GENI Computer Simulation Model.
    • The Next Steps: From Possibility to Opportunity.
    • GENI Milestones.
    • GENI Funding Needs - a call for support.
  • Winter-Spring, 1992 The Potential of an Electrical Interconnection Between Russia and North America.
    • The objecive of this workshop was to explore a proposal to provide low-cost electrical power to North America and Russia by linking the two continents with a high voltage power transmission line. Energy specialists from both countries came together in Anchorage, Alaska, USA, for a workshop to explore the potential for transmitting electricity between the continents.
  • Fall-Winter, 1991 GENI's International Workshop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
    • The Workshop's Objective was to appraise the technical, economic, environmental and sociopolitical feasibility of international electrical interchange and its implementation potential on a global basis, using a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds and geographical origins including professionals and concerned citizens.

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