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25 March 1997

GENI Presents to:

(Japan) PVTEC, Global Infrastructure Fund of Japan, United Nations University, Soka Gakkai

(Atlanta) Carter Presidential Center, CNN Environmental Documentary Unit

Dear GENI Friend,

We've had a great month — taking this project to Japan and the heart of the American south: Atlanta. Let me summarize how your support has helped us push this initiative globally.

PVTEC, a Japanese firm that is pursuing large photovoltaic systems hosted a GENI presentation at their workshop entitled, Large solar systems in desert regions of the world. [Editor's note: check out this more recent 2006 GENI research] While some of the costs are still prohibitive, there are several Japanese visionaries working to build large solar arrays in the Gobi Desert of China and link the energy to their populous east coast (along the old Silk Road from Moscow to Beijing). I was a featured speaker at this conference.

While in Tokyo, we also met with the Global Infrastructure Fund of Japan, the United Nations University and Soka Gakkai (a Buddhist organization committed to peace). I even suggested the "unthinkable project" of an underwater electric cable between Japan and South Korea, who are long-standing enemies. Using the examples of East/West Germany and Israel/Jordan, they saw the potential benefit's could outweigh their deep-seeded animosity.

In Atlanta, I was thrilled to make two presentations at the Carter Presidential Center. We would love for the Carter Center to include this global strategy into their conflict resolution program around the world. Stay tuned.

Then we took the opportunity to visit several producers at the CNN Environmental Documentary Unit. We're looking for their partnership (financial and in-kind) in our film/documentary entitled The Power Planet. The two page brief is enclosed for your review. This film will merge the best of our two videos: What If.... a New Global Option   and A Win-Win Solution   for a one hour feature for television. These 2 GENI videos are excellent and still available for $20 each.

If you have any resources for this educational project, please let us know!

I want to thank you for helping us drive this initiative. It's still a new idea to many key people and organizations (like those mentioned above.) Your contribution makes this work possible.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

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