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3 June 1999

3 Global Events in 30 Days!

Dear GENI Friend,

Some days it seems that our work plods forward with measured success. On occasion, we have the opportunity to press our agenda to interested people from around the world. This May and June, we are experiencing widespread global exposure (and it's the reason why we are a bit late on this month's update).

The Netherlands has just hosted two significant global conferences: The Hague Appeal for Peace and The World Sustainable Energy Trade Fair. The GENI Initiative exhibited at both, reaching thousands of people involved in two of our primary benefits: energy trade fosters peace, and linking renewables helps clean up the environment.

You have received many recent endorsements and articles over the past year. For these 3 events, we have just published our latest, and best** newsletter. It includes:

* Six Questions towards Peace and Sustainable Development

* The Endorsements of Walter Cronkite, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Desmond Tutu and others

* "Linking Electricity for Peace: a Compelling Global Strategy" article,

published in The Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society

* The 1998 IEEE Power Engineering Review feature cover (with GENI's caption):

"Supergrids: a Win-Win Solution for Sustainable Development"

* India-Pakistan: From Nuclear Explosions to Linking Electricity

In a few days, we will be exhibiting at the Rotary International Convention in Singapore. Rotary is a world-wide service organization of businesspeople who are committed to improving the global condition. Their Foundation is presently considering our proposal for support -- and this event offers the chance to personally show the significance and difference we make.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen


**To print and mail this important newsletter to 12,000 key world leaders costs us $6,000. A $500 gift will help us reach 1000 policy-makers, media and energy providers. To Support This Work tax-deductible contribution today will change the world over the next couple of months. Please consider a generous mid-year contribution

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

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