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25 August 1999

Latin American Energy Ministers commit to link systems!

Dear GENI Friend,

Never doubt that your support matters!

Last month you learned about the Western Hemispheric Energy Ministers Summit, held in New Orleans. This month we report on the pledge made by those Ministers.

Two weeks prior to the conference, we mailed a comprehensive package to every minister and country representative (52 delegates in 26 countries). Attached is the cover letter to Secretary Richardson that outlined the argument for energy integration. We included: the IEEE panel session on Latin American Policy Reforms, our paper on the benefits of interconnecting North and South America via Central America, our latest newsletter with endorsements, and four key pages translated into Spanish.

Then on July 29th, The Department of Energy announced a Joint Cross Border Transmission Project between all South American nations! And they are blessed with abundant hydro and geothermal potential -- providing the opportunity to develop using clean energy resources.

You have earned your portion of the credit for this. Yes, we do the mailing to these people, set up our exhibit and ask provocative questions. But without your support, we could not show up. I hope you realize that you are affecting millions of people's lives. This is one way that our results are realized -- and you should be very proud.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

p.s. Next month: exciting news about a one-man theater production on the life and ideas of Dr. R Buckminster Fuller titled: The History (and Mystery) of the Universe


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