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28 September 2000

United Nations Millennium Summit: Sept. 6 - 8, 2000

Leaders take a stand for a better world.

Dear GENI Friend,

Very heady company — 190 world leaders convening at the United Nations to chart a collective course for the 21st century. In public speeches at the General Assembly, private bi-lateral meetings and open roundtables, they all seemed aware that the problems of the world are bigger than the borders of any single nation. (See We the Peoples report.)

We had invested in this global gathering by mailing to every President, Prime Minister, Ambassador and UN Staff two months beforehand. Several Ministries even responded with high praise for the GENI Initiative. But I heard no specific mention of the project during the summit.

The highlight for us was the press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, attended by 200 world media. We asked the following:

Q: Mr. President, regarding the Russian Far East and the rapprochement between North and South Korea: The Siberian Energy Institute has two directors, Lev Belyaev and Nikolai Voropai, who have worked for several years to integrate the electrical grids of Russia, China, Japan and North and South Korea — very much like the Baltic Ring Loop now being developed. The energy integration would benefit the economies and prospects for peace on the Korean Peninsula. North Korea would seem to have the most gain, yet remains the biggest hurdle. President Putin, Russia leads the world in long distance high-voltage transmission technology, and you could be a peacemaker here.

Do you know of this plan? And can you comment?

While I was not able to write his entire answer, he best summarized his ideas with the quote:

Economic projects are often a very good basis to resolve political issues.

We have recently re-focussed on the electrical interconnection of the Korean Peninsula. Our two interns from Korea translated our essential material into their language, which we mailed to all the key policy-makers in the region. This is how we invest your contributions — and I hope to report a breakthrough to you very soon.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen


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