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26 January 2001

Breakthrough on the Korean Peninsula

Dear GENI Friend,

Four months ago, 2 Korean students (Yen and Chu) joined our staff to complete an internship with their university. Little did they realize their ability to affect change in their homeland -- from a institute in San Diego.

They committed to translating our four primary documents into Korean — with an understanding that these reports would be sent to the leadership of North and South Korea. You can see their work on our web site by clicking on the Korean flag. Those packages were mailed to the all leaders important to the dialogue: North and South Korea, China, Russia, Japan, USA and the United Nations.

I made a statement to Yen and Chu prior to their departure. Given the rapprochement on the Korean peninsula, and North Korea's dire need for energy, that in a few months they would begin to hear the policy-makers speak on the integration of the power grids from South to North.

Last month, the news wires reported this proposal as a priority! The attached documents summarize this dialogue between these former enemies. If you have wondered, what does GENI do? — or how do you assess your results? This is it.

This is how we invest your contributions. It's but one example of how we look for the most intractable international relationships, and offer an alternative strategy that is mutually beneficial. I'll ask again, if this energy integration can occur on the Korean Peninsula, why can't we do this everywhere?

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

p.s. For those in the Chicago area, the Buckminster Fuller play opens Feb. 6th. GENI benefits from the information and book exhibit in the theater lobby. I know we are biased, but this is some of the best theater you will ever see. (For information: www.foghouse.com)


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