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September 30, 2001

Out of adversity . . .

Dear GENI Friend,

The tragedy and terror of September 11, 2001 will affect everyone and everything from now on. The images were shocking -- and they pierced the soul of humanity. We have also seen tremendous courage and resolve in the aftermath.

Many people have shared their anger, compassion and ideas on dealing with this tragedy. GENI is blessed with many thoughtful advisors and supporters -- one of those is Jim Cathcart. Jim is a GENI Board Member and one the world’s leading professional speakers. On September 11th, he wrote a message (original) that we share with you here, as he offers some guidance out of our adversity.

History will barely remember the Y2K fear at the turn of the century. Now, the defining event of our new millennium will be the image of terrorism. What pains me, and all fellow engineers, is that Osama bin Ladin was trained as a civil engineer. Civil engineers build roads, bridges, dams and buildings in order to serve societies needs. For now the world’s most famous engineer is a terrorist.

If this legacy persists, the terrorists will have won. If the world can come together -- to heal and rebuild -- then we will see the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Engineers normally work in relative anonymity, building artifacts to make the world a better place. This decade, our engineers can step forward, to build the projects which foster peace between peoples: roads, canals, communications and power grids. Collectively, this will make us stronger.

This month we go the World Energy Conference with our new CD ROM and newsletter. The message of both: The is no energy shortage, there is no energy crisis, there is a crisis of ignorance. Bucky Fuller stated this in speaking about the plan to link renewable energy resources around the world. I thank you for supporting these new products, which will be delivered to thousands of global energy leaders in just a few weeks. You have made this possible.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

p.s. The new GENI CDROM, available soon, features a 7 minute film plus extensive material on electricity, renewable energy, power grids, Buckminster Fuller, population and development.

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