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Global Energy Production/Generation

Here, you will find some global energy trends, including the hard data, and graphs which were made from the data.
(EIA is the Energy Information Agency of the US Department of Energy.)

Africa EIA Information on Africa
Central/South America EIA Infomation on the Americas
Asia EIA Information on Asia
Eastern Europe EIA Information on Europe
Middle East EIA Information on the Middle East
USA/Canada EIA Information on North America
Former Soviet Union see specific country graphs for EIA info
Important Economies see specific country graphs for EIA info
Industrialized Countries see specific country graphs for EIA info

Graphs by country:
Electricity Production by Source for 1995

(Note: countries with italicized links are direct links to the EIA due to a lack of data for that country)


Central/South America and the Caribbean (EIA)


Eastern Europe

Former Soviet Union

Important Economies

Industrialized Countries

Middle East


Global Energy Trends

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