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Geothermal Energy in Ethiopia

Geothermal Prospecting Areas in the Ethiopina Rift Valley and Afar Depression

Ethiopia is among the few countries in Africa with a significant amount of geothermal resources. These resources are found scattered in Ethiopian Rift valley and in the Afar depression, which are both part of the Great East African Rift System.

The Ethiopian rift extends from the Ethiopia- Kenya border to the Red Sea in NNE direction for over 1000km within Ethiopia, and covers an area of 150, 000 Km2. The estimated potential of the geothermal resource in the whole Ethiopian Rift is about 700 MWe. Of this, 170MWe is from seven sites in the lakes District, 260 MWe from seven sites in the central Afar, 120 MWe from five sites in the Southern Afar and 150 MWe from five sites in the Danakil depression.

>> Geothermal Development in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Rift System extends over 1000km in a north-northeast direction and is divided into four main areas: Main Ethiopian Rift, Afar Deprtession, Lake Turkana and Lake Chew Bahir Rifts.



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