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Hydroenergy Potential in Russia

Hydropower Potentials

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Most of the unused Russian economically exploitable hydropower potentials are in the eastern parts of the country, but even within the European part some remarkable potentials are left.


Small hydro energy sector is the most mature field of renewable energy. Small rivers in Russia were widely used in the middle of last century. Thousands of small hydro power plants (SHP) were in operation in the USSR during the 1950s. In the subsequent years those plants were shut down and abandoned. At present it is expedient to rehabilitate and reconstruct Russian SHP that had been decommissioned.

Russia has accumulated great experience in using hydro resources of small rivers. The increased interest for small hydro is caused by the fact that in the industrially developed region in the European part of the country there is no room left for large hydropower. Furthermore, construction of large hydropower plants is to be agreed with environment authorities and public which tend to react rather negatively. During the 90s the problem of manufacturing equipment for small and micro hydropower plants was generally resolved. In Russia hydropower units are manufactured both by major dedicated enterprises and smaller production companies. The most effective hydro power plants are SHPs constructed on the basis of the old ones which had been decommissioned.

For energy purposes it is advisable to use existing small and medium water pools (there are more than 1000 of them in Russia). SHPs are particularly important for power supplying energy deficient regions of difficult access that cover over 40% of the Russian territory. Construction of SHPs is economically viable in the Far East region the development of which is hindered due to lack of power supply.

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