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Renewable Energy Resources in EUROPE

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Europe is the world leader in renewable energy. Denmark is flanked by some 2,300 wind turbines, supplying 15% of its electricity. Germany is on course to have 140,000 solar-panelled rooftops by 2005. And more than half of Scandinavia’s energy comes from hydropower.

The development of renewable energy - particularly energy from wind, water, solar power and biomass - is a central aim of the European Commission's energy policy. And as part of Kyoto-protocol efforts to curb carbon emissions, the European Commission has pledged that renewable sources will make up 22% of Europe’s energy supply by the end of this decade (up from 14% in 1997). (1)

(1) http://www.esa.int/esaCP/SEMORAYO4HD_Protecting_0.html

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