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Geothermal Energy in El Salvador

Geothermal energy is a plentiful resource in El Salvador, accounting for over 24 percent of the country’s electricity output. In 2002, power generation from the Ahuachapán and Berlín geothermal facilities was 940 gigawatt-hours (GWh). This power was delivered to a newly deregulated, competitive market, mixed with 1,140 GWh of electricity from hydro projects,1,805 GWh of electricity from thermoelectric operations, and 430 GWh of power imports from Guatemala (3,175 GWh total).

Geothermal energy already claims a very high market share, which is projected to increase in the next few years as new projects. Of the 161 MW of geothermal capacity currently installed in El Salvador (95 MW at Ahuachapán, and 66 MW at Berlín), only about 119 MW are available (63 MW at Ahuachapán, and 56 MW at Berlín).



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