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Geothermal Energy in Guatemala

Geothermal Areas of Interest in Guatemala

Activities related to Geothermal Power Development in Guatemala during the period 1995-2000 include some work carried out by INDE, the Government institution in charge of the electricity in the country and some others by private companies.

There are thirteen geothermal areas defined by OLADE (1982). After the new Electricity Law (established in 1996) INDE has five geothermal areas in reserve to develop, they are: Zunil, Amatitlán, Tecuamburro, San Marcos and Moyuta areas where has focused its investigation.
As a result of these investigations, 58 MWe. has been proved and 398 MWe. more are estimated (1995).

>> Geothermal Power Development in Guatemala 1995-2000


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