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Geothermal Energy in Jordan

Location of geothermal resources in Jordan
geothermla jordan

Geothermal gradient map of Jordan (Myslil, 1988)

geothermla jordan

The geothermal investigations revealed a rich geothermal potential in low enthalpy resources spread amongst several geothermal fields. The geothermal gradient map of Jordan shows two distinct regions of high geothermal gradients up to 50 C/km.

The first region is in immediate vicinity of the east Dead Sea escarpment, where many springs discharge thermal water originates from the Lower Cretaceous Sandstone forming three main geothermal fields. These fields are: Mukhiebeh thermal springs, Zara and Zarqa Main thermal springs and Afra and Burbeitta thermal springs.
The second one is near the border with Syria and Iraq. In this region several thermal wells discharge water from the Upper Cretaceous Limestone. In both regions, there are many wells (shallow and deep) discharging thermal water such as; shallow wells near Queen Alia airport, North shuneh well and Mukheibeh well field.

Geothermal energy is one of the alternative sources of energy which could be utilized for different purposes. Jordan is blessed with this energy source in several parts of the country.

>> Geothermal Energy Resources in Jordan, Country Update Report


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