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  GENI Video* - What If... A New Global Option
  GENI Video* - A Win-Win Solution

Videos: [__] VHS
* International formats available.
Add $5 US per tape: [__] PAL      [__]SECAM

* Broadcast Master tapes available in
[__]3/4" and [__]Betacam, Please call.

  Spaceship Earth Crewmember T-shirts (circle size) XL, L, M, S
  GENI Membership and Newsletter (Annual)
  GENI Bochures ( 50 brochures)
  Dymaxion Globe Fold-Up Puzzle
  Fuller Projection Air-Ocean World Dymaxion Map
  Raleigh Edition of Fuller Projection Air-Ocean
World Dymaxion Map
  GENI Technical Package
  My Immediate Gift to GENI
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  GENI Key Ring
  GENI Computer Animation: "Linking the World Electrically" __3.5"disk      __CD
  GENI CD-ROM "There Is No Energy Crisis" - An Interactive Experience
  __ $  2.50US Canada & US
__ $10.00US International
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P.S. GENI volunteers and interns need computer equipment and software to accelerate the attainment of GENI's misson (and which you can purchase and/or donate for tax writeoffs in the U.S.). Please make a note of your prospective computer/software pledge in the comment area above.