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If We Could Electrify Africa, We Would Eliminate Poverty in a Decade

Dear GENI Friend,

GENI has exhibited at the Rotary International Conventions for the past decade, sharing our initiative with thousands of committed people from every continent.  Dr. Tom Setter, a retired orthopedic surgeon visited us repeatedly, speaking of his medical missions to Uganda and Kenya.  His personal stories were both compelling and heart-wrenching — and he is a passionate believer that electricity is key to ending poverty in Africa.

Dr. Setter related his experiences of rural African villages having no electricity to his early childhood life on his family farm.  Many rural communities in America had no electricity in the 1930s and '40s — and life was hard.  The Rural Electrification Administration transformed everyday life on his farm, and he believes it can do the same for Africa.  Electricity enables refrigeration of food and medicine, lighting to extend the day, pumping and filtering clean water.  As Tom says, "once they got electricity, they'd work their way out of poverty themselves."

The Economist comes to the same solution on the recent article "The Dark Continent."  With 15% of world population, Africa produces just 4% of global electricity.  Yet, the continent is blessed with massive solar potential in the Sahara, hydro potential from the Congo River, and geothermal reserves in the eastern Rift Valley.  While most of us take electricity for granted, only a few are so lucky on the Dark Continent.

You'll recall that the GENI Initiative was featured in the Green Earth issue of the Rotarian Magazine, April 2007.  Rotarians have been leading the charge to eradicate polio on the planet — and when that's done, we will propose Electricity for Peace and Ending Poverty.  Please share these stories with your own service clubs, business associates and family. Tom Setter is an unsung hero, whose story could elevate a continent out of poverty.  

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen


p.s. Next month we'll feature the 5 nations that already run on renewable energy.

p.p.s. Please consider renewing your GENI pledge. It will make a real difference in our work.

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Updated: 2007/08/30

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