een wereldwijd elektriciteitsnet een oplossing voor veel problemen  GENI es una institución de investigación y educación-enfocada en la interconexión de rejillas de electricidad entre naciones.  ??????. ????????????????????????????????????  nous proposons la construction d’un réseau électrique reliant pays et continents basé sur les ressources renouvelables  Unser Planet ist mit einem enormen Potential an erneuerbaren Energiequellen - Da es heutzutage m` glich ist, Strom wirtschaftlich , können diese regenerativen Energiequellen einige der konventionellen betriebenen Kraftwerke ersetzen.  한국어/Korean  utilizando transmissores de alta potência em áreas remotas, e mudar a força via linha de transmissões de alta-voltagem, podemos alcançar 7000 quilómetros, conectando nações e continentes    
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Library - Library, The Global Energy Network Institute-us Letter, Global Energy Network Institute, Renwable Energy, Environment, Wolrd Energy, Global Warming, Clean Energy, Linking Renewable Energy, Climate Change

The GENI-us Letter

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2019 Subscribe

  • December
  • December — Global Warming Tipping Points — UN Secretary General: 'we are losing the race'
  • November — Call In The Engineers
  • October — The Short List Of Climate Actions That Will Work
  • September — GENI Meets GEIDCO Chairman Zhenya Liu at Global Grid Forum
  • August — Creating Mission Control Rooms for Sustainability
  • July — Superpower — The Quest To Transform American Energy To Renewables
  • June — High-Voltage Interconnections -- The Essential Link To Renewables
  • May — Visualization Simulates Value Of Sharing Electricity — A 150% Return On Investment
  • April
  • March — 2018 IEA Report: Our Addiction To Coal And Natural Gas Is Growing
  • February — Many Nations Are Leading The Shift To Renewable Energy
  • JanuaryWarning: Progress Is Lacking To Achieve the 2020 Climate Turning Point

2018 Subscribe

  • DecemberFirst Time In History: Less Than One Billion People Lack Access To Electricity
  • NovemberSolar And Wind Are Now Cheapest Source Of Power
  • October — Rapid Changes Needed To Stem Catastrophic Climate Change. The Solution: Concentrating Solar Farms Produce Day And Night
  • September
  • August — US Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Lab: It's Time to Tie the U.S. Electric Grid Together
  • July — U.S. Coastal Cities At Risk Due To Sea Level Rise
  • June — Solar & Wind Dominate New Generation Capacity:   Renewables Reap 2x Fossil Fuels & Nuclear
  • May
  • April — UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Advocates Long Distance Transmission To Transmit Zero-Carbon Renewable Electricity
  • March — Global Risk Report 2018 — Getting Our Priorities Right
  • February — Climate Change Is Here Now — What Can You Do?
  • January — UN Secretary General Advocates For Global Energy Interconnection

2017 Subscribe

  • December — In Our "New Normal" World — Build Sustainable & Resilient Cities
  • November — Global Energy System Based On 100% Renewable Energy
  • October — Global Grid Stress Testing: It's Easier & Cheaper To Transfer Electrons Than Fuels
  • September — What I Learned On My Vacation: What Is And What Could Be
  • August — The Clean Energy Revolution Links To The Asian Super Grid
  • July — United States Still Driving Renewables Development
  • June — GENI Invites You To The Silicon Valley SIMCenter Demo
  • May — Make Your Home More Energy Efficient — And An Energy Source
  • April — Your Next Car or Fleet Purchase: Electric vs. Gasoline
  • March — Phasing Out CO2 This Century — Ramping Up Renewables & Energy Efficiency
  • FebruaryGlobal Energy Interconnection Gets Support From World's Largest Utility And More: State Grid Corp Of China + Int'l Energy Agency + Int'l Electrotechnical Commission
  • January — The World as 100 People -- Global Social Trends are Improving

2016 Subscribe

  • December — 48 Developing Nations Commit To 100% Renewable Energy By 2050 -- The Radical Shift That's Required To Meet The 1.5°C Warming Target
  • NovemberCreating a Renewable Energy Roadmap: 4 Key Questions for Each Nation at COP22
  • October — Connecting Renewable Energy Supergrids —and— Secretary Clinton Calls For Open Trade, Open Borders For Electric Grid
  • September — G20 Leaders Pledge Renewable Integration
  • August — GENI office move (SIMcenter Phase IV Completion)
  • July — Multi-Terminal HVDC Links Distant Renewables Between Canada And The United States
  • June — Cities Taking the Lead in Tackling Climate Change
  • May — President Obama Pushing Renewables —and— SIMCenter Moving To Silicon Valley
  • April — China Proposes Global Energy Interconnection (GEI)
  • March — GENI's TrimTab 2016 Campaign -- We Need You!
  • February — A National HVDC Grid: The Best Solution To 80% Renewable Energy By 2050
  • January — Renewables Boosts Jobs and Global GDP up to $1.3 Trillion

2015 Subscribe

  • DecemberMake one last gift this year -- that matters
  • December — Paris Climate Summit — Good COP or Bad COP?
  • November — Building Peace Between Nations, One Link After Another
  • October — Open Letter to COP21: Negotiating CO2 Targets -vs- Linking Renewables Between Nations
  • SeptemberGENI's TrimTab 2015 CampaignWe Need You!
  • August — The Global Power Grid Solution
  • July — India Approves Intra-State Transmission Systems For Renewable Energy
  • June — Energy Ministers and World Bank to Help Countries Scale Up, Integrate Renewable Energy in Grids
  • May — Solar & Wind Capture 100% Of New U.S. Energy In April 2015
  • April — GeoDesign: Engineering The Transition To Renewable Energy And Clean Water For All
  • March — World Bank: The Renewable Electricity Grid
  • February — Underwater High-Voltage Cable Links Nations And Renewable Energies
  • January — The Hottest Decade Ever— the beginning of the end for fossil fuels

2014 Subscribe

  • December — A Vision Of An Interconnected Energy Grid — An Idea Whose Time Has Come
  • November — 100% Renewable Cities — Taking a Stand
  • October — Africa — Still The Dark Continent
  • September — UN Climate Summit calls for Regional Cooperation on Renewable Energy
  • August — Sustainability is Critical but Not Sufficient...   We need to Build Resilient Cities
  • July — 12x More Solar —and— US$550 Billion Annual Investment In Renewables Needed To Avoid 'Climate Catastrophe'
  • June — Renewables Provide 88% of New U.S. Generation in May 2014 —and— GENI Solar and Wind Maps Tops on Google Maps Gallery
  • May — Building Sustainable and Resilient Cities
  • AprilThere Must Be a "Massive Shift" to Renewable Energy
  • March — 100% Renewable Energy for all U.S. States and the World
  • February — India and Bangladesh Complete First Electric Grid Interconnection
  • January — 19 Nations Form Africa Clean Energy Corridor

2013 Subscribe

  • December — The Renewable Plan: from 20% to 80% by 2050
  • November — Making Renewable Energy Siting Easier ...Because We Have Plenty
  • October — GENI Report From The 2013 World Energy Congress, Korea
  • September — GENI Is The Only U.S. Exhibitor At World Energy Congress Pushing The Renewable Solution
  • August — 2/3rds Of All Solar PV Installed In Last 2 Years— Policy Support And Competitive Pricing Driving This Growth
  • July — 10 Nations Launch “Global Renewables Club” — The Tipping Point for Renewable Energy
  • June — Southeast Asia And West Africa Pushing Towards Regional Grid Interconnection
  • May — 400 PPM Carbon Dioxide Tipping Point Reached Today
  • April — Deutsche Bank And Asian Development Bank Call For Renewable Energy
    —plus— India and Italy Reach Grid Parity For Renewables
  • March"Turn Down the Heat" — World Bank Report 2012 — Turn Up The Heat On Our Leaders!
  • February — Renewable Energy Was Nearly Half Of New U.S. Generation Capacity Additions In 2012
  • January — Connecting The Americas: Linking The Electric Grids From Alaska To Argentina

2012 Subscribe

  • December — Powering Up Asia's Super-Grid: Linking Renewables Is The Answer
  • November — GENI Renewable Reports Provide Solutions As The Answer To "It's Global Warming, Stupid"
  • October — Plan A for Sustainability: UN launches Sustainable Development Solutions Network
  • September — Wind Resources Could Power All The World's Needs
  • August — Four New GENI Reports Published —plus— Electrify The Bottom Of The Pyramid
  • July — Electrical Interconnections Create International Trade And Peace
  • June — Sustainable Development Is Not Possible Without Sustainable Energy
  • May — China Leading The High-Voltage Transmission Market
  • April — Climate Change — Connecting the Dots
  • March — South Asia Plans An Electric Energy Ring
  • February — Changing The Way We Look At Climate Change
  • January — Iran, Iraq, Pakistan Interconnecting Their Electric Grids

2011 Subscribe

  • December — International Energy Agency: “Shift or Suffer Dire Consequences”
  • November — Solar Energy Is Becoming The Arab Nations’ Next Export Resource
  • October — International Energy Agency Warns Of Ballooning World Fossil Fuel Subsidy
  • September — U.N.’s Ban Ki-Moon urges Clean Energy Revolution
  • August — Six Central American Nations Getting Connected
  • July —India And Nepal Linking Transmission Grids -and- GENI Receives Proclamation For 25th Anniversary
  • June — Scotland And Switzerland Move Towards 100% Renewables as GENI Interns Push This Agenda To All OECD Nations
  • MayGENI Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary and Moves Downtown!
  • April — Multiple Accidents In The Energy World: Gulf Oil Spill, U.S. And Chinese Coal Mine Collapses, Japan Nuclear Meltdown — It's Time For A New Energy Plan
  • March — Green Economy Will Cost $1-2.6 Trillion Per Year: United Nations
  • February — European Companies Push European Union Towards A Single Electricity Market -and- World Wildlife Fund Calls For 100% Renewables By 2050
  • January — World Bank to Fund DESERTEC Plan — Plus the GENI Summary of 2010

2010 Subscribe

  • December — 100% Renewables In 10 Years — Getting To Critical Mass
  • November —The Electric Vehicle (EV) Revolution Is Here
  • October — Ending Energy Poverty
  • September — The Global Shift to Renewable Energy
  • August — World Energy Congress, Montreal 2010 -and- the World Resources Simulation Center: Energy/Water Sustainability
  • July — The European Commission Seeks To Integrate Large Solar From Africa
  • June — The Path Of Pollution Versus The Road To Renewables
  • May — U.S. Electrical Grid Expanding To Access Abundant Renewable Energy
  • April — Maps And Policies On Renewable Energy Are Available To All
  • March — $10 Trillion Needed for Clean Technology -so- Get Your Share of the Green Economy
  • February — Why Infrastructure is Critical
  • January — China is Charging Ahead in Renewable Development

2009 Subscribe

  • December — Are We Just Smarter Lemmings Headed For The Cliff?
  • November — Transmission And Renewables Integration Are Top Issues Of North American Electric Reliability 10 Year Outlook
  • October — U.S. Department Of Interior Pushing A Collaborative Effort For A National Electric Grid To Tap Abundant Renewable Energy
  • September — 350 parts per million (ppm) — and — The International Day of Climate Action
  • August — Introducing the World Resources Simulation Center
  • July — "20 Global Problems — 20 Years to Solve Them" Challenges the Rotary Peace Fellows Symposium
  • June — Clean Energy can Solve the Millennium Development Goals — and — Renewable Energy on Native American Lands
  • May — The Super Grid Is Coming To Your Continent
  • April — The Rules of the Game
  • March — The Electric Grid is the "Missing Link" to Abundant Renewables
  • February — State Treasurers And Pension Funds Push For Linking Renewables — and — World Economic Forum Calls For $515 Billion Annual Renewable Energy Investments Through 2025
  • January — Renewables Get Us Three For One

2008 Subscribe

  • December — The European Supergrid And Renewable Cities Are Leading The Way
  • November — The US National Grid Gains Momentum While Six Persian Gulf States Start Trials On International Grid
  • October — Green Economy Will Create Millions Of Jobs — and — General Electric And Google Agree
  • September — GENI Featured In Energy Crisis Debate
  • August — Al Gore, T. Boone Pickens, James Hansen, and Robert Kennedy Jr. — All Agree — Linking Remote Renewable Energy Is A Top Priority
  • July — Visualizing The Global Energy Issues — Plus Small Island Renewables
  • June — How Policy-Makers Can Lead On Climate Change
  • May — Climate Change at the Tipping Point
  • April — Ending Poverty in the Developing World — Both Macro and Micro Engineering Is Needed
  • March — World's Growing Dependence On Coal Leaving A Trail Of Environmental Devastation ...It's Time We Stopped Shooting Ourselves In The Foot
  • February — Flip the Old Energy Model Upside Down
  • January — Solving Climate Change — Follow the Money -plus- 2007 GENI Highlights

2007 Subscribe

  • December — GENI Challenges World Energy Conference and "What unites us is stronger than our differences"
  • November — GENI Endorsers Win The Nobel Peace Prize while United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) Reports Global Risk
  • October 19 — Should the Middle East and North African nations go Nuclear .... or Solar?
  • October — California launches Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative
  • September —If We Could Electrify Africa, We Would Eliminate Poverty in a Decade
  • August — The UN Foundation Proposes Modernizing The Electric Power Grid And The Economist Features "Wind By Wire"
  • July — G8 Project To Integrate Renewable Energy Into Electricity Grids
  • June — Interns Change the World
  • May — Making Money and Sense: Buy Green Power or Renewable Energy Credits and Put Solar on the Roof
  • April — GENI featured in Rotarian Magazine and ACORE calls for Ten-Fold Increase in Renewable R&D
  • March — GENI Endorses GROCC Climate Statement -and- What's Needed — A Design Science Revolution?
  • February — California Blocking Coal — and Greening the Grid — Will Other States and Nations Follow?
  • January — Top Renewable Stories of 2006 - International Grid Projects Accelerate — and It's Not Fast Enough!

2006 Subscribe

  • December — Russia Linking Energy Grids to China and the Koreas -and- The Renewable Energy Potential of India
  • November — China's Growth — Why Renewable Energy Is Essential -
  • October — Is It Hot Enough Yet?
  • September — Global Maps of Renewable Energy Potential & Cross-Border Electric Grids Act as Peace Highways
  • August — KLD Global Climate 100 Index: Strong First Year - and Now Investable in Japan!
  • July — IEA: Renewables Could Quadruple vs. EIA: U.S. Agency Predicts 75% More CO2
  • June — Spontaneous Cooperation is Breaking Out
  • May — Mexico, China, Russia, Tajikistan: Building High-Voltage Transmission to Access Renewable Energy -
  • April — 2005 United Nations Report on the Benefits, Costs and Issues of International Electric Power Grid Interconnections
  • March — The GENI Initiative and Nuclear Energy
  • February — China Connects Power Grids — World Economic Forum Identifies Top 5 Global Issues
  • January — Utilities Pursuing Renewable Energy Strategies

2005 Subscribe

  • December — Economic Development vs. Global Climate Change — Global Dilemma Solved
  • November — The renewable energy transition — achieving first–world growth and the Millennium Development Goals
  • October — Russia, China, Korea, Lebanon - important grid links receive little attention
  • September — NASA's "Earth at Night" highlights our prosperity — but leaves 1.6 billion people in the dark
  • August — Electricity Is Essential for Development — and the United Nations Agree
  • July — GENI Partners with KLD Research and Analytics
    to Create KLD Global Climate 100SM Index
  • June — Iran, Russia, and ASEAN Pushing Power Grids
    plus Solar Potential in California is Enormous!
  • May — Global Mapping of Wind and Solar Sites
  • April — Global Ecosystem Report: Resource Use Is Not Sustainable
    and GENI Endorsements from Directors of UNICEF and IUCN
  • March — New Zealand and United Arab Emirates Agree:
    the Grid is the Key Link to Renewables
  • February — Energy is Key to Africa's Prosperity and Global Warming at Critical Point
  • January — Transmission is Key for Wind Energy

2004 Subscribe

  • December — Best Renewable Energy Policies on the Planet
  • November — Oil at $50 a Barrel — It's Time to Change
  • October — World Energy Conference Report
  • September — Fortune Magazine supports Renewable Development
  • August — World Energy Conference next month in Australia — and — WEC Life Cycle Analysis Favors Renewables
  • July — Largest Renewable Energy Event held in Bonn, Germany
  • June — The Best Renewable Energy Policies on the Planet
  • May — Western U.S. Governors want renewables - yet the World Energy Council and IEA say renewables won't play a major role
  • April — GENI announces $60,000 Matching Grant and Major Projects for 2004
  • March — Grid Congestion and the Clean Energy Market
  • February — The power grid gets attention from utilities and investors
  • January — Middle East expanding nation-to-nation links - and - Canadian business and greens agree: renewable energy could meet needs

2003 Subscribe

  • December — World Governments Launch REEEP — Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership
  • November — Russia and the European Union Announce Plans to Link Grids by 2007
  • October — Connecting the Iran-Iraq-Syria Grid — What about Incorporating Large Solar Arrays in the Deserts as well?.
  • September — It's a Wired world; Blackout 2003 Lessons
  • August — Energy Cooperation is the Solution to Energy Security
  • July — Try a Hybrid Vehicle — Save Money and the Environment
  • June — Global Oil Companies Project Renewable Growth
  • May — Renewable Energy to Split Water in Iceland: the Future of Energy is Here
  • April — Resource wars: Water, Oil, Fisheries. Finding Solutions that Meet Everyone's Needs
  • March — World's Largest Nation Getting Connected
    — plus — Offers the Future of Energy
  • February Power Grid Interpendence vs. Independence
  • January — The Energy Grid Can Transform Transportation As Well

Index of monthly GENI Donor Letters 1993-2002

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