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The GENI-us Letter

Solving Climate Change - Follow the Money
2007 GENI Highlights

Dear GENI Friend,

How we spend and invest our money does matter, especially when multiplied by millions of consumer decisions in every nation. You can look at a person's checkbook or credit card statement to see one's true commitment.

Several years ago, GENI partnered with KLD Research and Analytics to create the KLD Global Climate 100 index (GC100). Our purpose is to track the global public companies who are leading in decarbonizing their products and services — which will in turn reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Launched in July 2005, the GC100 has now attracted $225 million of investment and generated an annualized return of 23.8%. Doing the right thing can be profitable.

In the last two years, two dozen more indexes and funds have been formed, demonstrating the growth of solution-oriented investments to tackle climate change and make a competitive rate of return. If you are interested, the GC100 is now investable in Japan: Shinko Securities, the United States: Advisors Asset Management, and in Germany: Commerzbank. We make the case in the attached article that to solve climate change will require a massive shift of investment away from fossil fuels and into renewable and clean technologies. If we continue business-as-usual, we deserve the outcome... but it's our children who will pay the biggest price.

We want to thank you for helping us change the world last year. Attached is a summary: highlighting a pair of studies on the Renewable Energy Potential of India and China, getting the GENI Initiative published in the World Energy Congress News, initiating a layered visualization of the GENI strategy, reaching out to the nine major world religions for their support of our work and transforming the GENI web site (www.geni.org) that now reaches 25,000 unique visitors every month. Your support makes this work possible and we thank you for your continued partnership.

Happy New Year,

Peter Meisen


p.s. The one man play, "Buckminster Fuller - the History and Mystery of the Universe" is opening in Ventura, CA this month. You can reserve tickets at: www.rubicontheatre.org

p.p.s. Please consider renewing your GENI pledge. It will make a real difference in our work.

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