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Climate Change at the Tipping Point

Dear GENI Friend,

It's almost impossible to read the newspapers or watch TV news without seeing another story on climate  change.  There are documentaries, public service announcements, scientific reports and conferences that now demand our attention.  But don't mistake awareness with real change. 

As of this year, China has become the largest emitter of greenhouse gases... yet an American citizen uses 4 times more energy per person.   The attached graph from the UNDP Human Development Report reveals that the citizens of the U.S., Canada, Australia and the United Arab Emirates are the world's heaviest fossil fuel polluters -- a function of our high living standards supported by coal, oil and gas.

The recent UNDP/UNEP Report paints an alarming picture. "There is now overwhelming scientific evidence that the world is moving towards the point at which irreversible ecological catastrophe becomes unavoidable.". . . "There is a window of opportunity for avoiding the most damaging climate change impacts, but that window is closing: the world has less than a decade to change course."

That course change is clear to us.  Stop building new coal-fired power plants unless the CO2 can be sequestered.  Instead, identify all the renewable energy resources in the region that can provide the same capacity, and meet the reliability and security requirements of the utility.  Eight nations already get over 50% of their electricity from renewable energy resources.  We have the financial and technical resources.  What's missing is the sense of urgency and political will of our leaders.

You can look at this issue through a security lens. A United Kingdom think tank admonishes all of us that our response to this issue has been "slow and inadequate" and that climate change will become a "primary driver of conflict between states."   We have been warned many times.  We're taught in school that its better to be safe than sorry."  So what can you do?  Get off of carbon.  Buy green electricity and a hybrid car.  Invest in clean tech and green energy companies. Write to your employer and political leaders and ask them to do the same! 

In partnership,

Peter Meisen


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