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Visualizing The Global Energy Issues -- Plus Small Island Renewables

Dear GENI Friend,

I'd like to brag about some recent work by GENI's interns.  We get volunteers and students from around the world who conduct research, write reports, do international marketing, web development, plus a variety of special projects.  We could feature the work of them all.  Today I'd like to share the projects of three students who are forwarding our work.

Jens Klawitter and Silvio Rabe are from Germany and brought special skills in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and FLASH animation for presentations.  One of our goals is to make the energy issues of our world visible, and ultimately visualizing the GENI solution. We're working to provide a 12-layer animated visualization -- starting with the NASA Earth at Night map, then showing our planet's population, current energy production, and all the potential renewable energy resources.  While it is a work in progress, we are proud to show you their initial work and seek your feedback: www.geni.org/globalenergy/multimedia/animations/index.shtml  Click: "Global Vizualization Comparisons".

Alvaro Garcia is a local college student who's tackling the challenging energy problem of small island nations.  Energy prices are high everywhere, and small islands pay a premium for importing fossils fuels for power and transportation.  Alvaro has collected a library of resources, best practices and created an energy summary for all primary inhabited small islands of the world. There are several islands that already meet 100% of their electrical needs from renewable energy. We hope this work encourages similar development for the other islands:  www.geni.org/globalenergy/library/articles-renewable-energy-transmission/small-island-nations.shtml  Click: "Renewable Energy Potential of Small Islands".

, one of the most respected scientists on climate change spoke urgently about the need to change our ways.  Last week, Dr. James Hansen projected dire consequences if we continue burning fossil fuels without sequestering the carbon dioxide emissions.  In the same testimony, he recommends that we interconnect the electrical grids across the country to access the abundant solar, wind and geothermal resources in the US.  This argument is valid for all nations.  The time to make this transition is now.

In partnership,

Peter Meisen


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