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Green Economy Will Create Millions Of Jobs
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General Electric And Google Agree

Dear GENI Friend,

One way to know when your message is getting attention is by the quality and number of others who have taken up your cause. Two decades ago, we launched the GENI Initiative to advocate the interconnection of electric power networks, emphasizing the use of local and remote renewable energy resources. This strategy is the “highest priority objective” of the World Game simulation.  It was a lonely and quixotic endeavor in the early 90’s when energy officials would smile politely, then set our work aside.

Today, the UNEP and International Organization of Employers project that millions of new jobs will be created in the green economy.  Already they report that “renewable energy now generates more new jobs than employment in fossil fuels.”  Many of our interns helped us drive the GENI Initiative globally and have since graduated and moved into green energy jobs, research and policy positions.

Additionally, two of the world’s best known corporate brands have become advocates.  The chief executives of GE and Google have partnered to promote the development of new electric grids and “smart grid” technologies.  Both want to make renewables more accessible and cheaper to produce than coal-generated power.  Dan Reicher, Director of Climate Change and Energy Initiatives at Google emphasized, “All this talk about renewable energy will not be realized if we do not build substantial additional transmission capacity.”

You can take some of the credit for this.  GENI has been writing, exhibiting, speaking and provoking energy leaders for almost 20 years.  This would have been impossible without your support.  Now we must require our utilities to build a 21st century energy system, harnessing our planet’s abundant renewable energy potential while integrating the electrical networks across all borders.  This is the grand challenge for all nations.  

Happy New Year,

Peter Meisen


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