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The European Supergrid And Renewable Cities Are Leading The Way

Dear GENI Friend,

In every dark cloud there is a silver lining.  Our perfect storm of crises around energy, climate change, credit, job losses and recession has forced us to re-examine the fundamentals of our energy infrastructure and economic policy.  As a result, we're now seeing local and national leaders in business and government re-evaluating old positions and taking stands that make long-term sense.

From the bottom up, a small town mayor in Portugal supported a solar farm for his town.  The solar array produces twice as much as the city needs, allowing them to sell that excess renewable energy to neighboring communities.  His simple idea has now expanded to 8 nations in the European Union, creating cities that will run entirely on renewables!  Any sunny region can follow this path.

From the top down, the EU recognizes this clean potential, but also realizes that best solar and wind sites aren't always where we live and work.  Transmission acts as the freeway to deliver that abundant renewable potential to markets across the continent — and between Europe and North Africa.  These Supergrids would accelerate the transition from polluting fossil fuels to sustainable resources; reducing CO2 emissions, creating new jobs and a sustainable economy. Each continent could follow this path.

Noted environmental economist, Lester Brown of the Earth Institute is calling on the United States to construct a strong national grid.  He compares it to "the electrical equivalent of President Eisenhower's interstate highway system, in order to unleash the full potential of renewable energy wealth."  Every nation should follow this path.

Change is happening, just way too slow.  Today, solar, wind and geothermal energies supply just 3% of the global energy needs... yet they have the potential to generate 100%.  That's the gap — and that's why we need to continue pushing through the rhetoric into investment and steel in the ground.  You have been a critical partner in driving the GENI Initiative and I acknowledge your commitment.  Please forward this letter to a leader who can make the difference in your region.

Happy New Year, 

Peter Meisen


p.s. We ask your help in accelerating this progress throughout every nation in 2009.  Now more than ever, would you please consider a year-end pledge, by return mail or on-line at: http://www.geni.org/globalenergy/donors/enroll/pledge.shtml  

p.p.s. Please consider renewing your GENI pledge. It will make a real difference in our work.

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