A u g u s t   2 0 0 9 — Volume 17, Issue 8
The GENI-us Letter

Introducing the
World Resources Simulation Center

Dear GENI Friend,

For 20 years, GENI’s primary message has been to “link renewable energy resources around the world.”  Today, every newspaper in almost every capital is reporting on some facet of this strategy.  Large solar and wind farms are being developed in the US, China, and India – and global engineering firms are planning a supergrid between Europe and North Africa.  Yet solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and hydro remain just 13% of the global electric supply.

We looked for an accelerator and once again found genius in the visionary thinking of Buckminster Fuller. The energy grid linking renewables is the “highest priority objective” of the World GameTM simulation, which posed the question:

“How do we make the world work
for 100% of humanity
in the shortest possible time
through spontaneous cooperation
without environmental damage
or disadvantage to anyone?”

To fully understand all the interconnected issues and complexities, Dr. Fuller proposed an immersive visualization facility: the World Resources Simulation Center. 

Two months ago we hosted a Prototype Design Event to test the concept of the WRSC: www.wrsc.org  Its function is to enable policy-makers, business leaders and students to literally “see” the global trends on all issues and, then simulate and visualize the best sustainable options so we can act on them quickly.

We no longer have the luxury of time as we push our planet’s threshold capacities.  We believe the WRSC will accelerate positive actions at global, national and local levels.  We invite you to join us in its development.  Please register your interest, referrals and suggestions.

Walter CronkiteWe also want to honor Walter Cronkite, the legendary newsman of the 20th Century.  America trusted him, and his endorsement of GENI’s work was an acknowledgement that we respected and prized. Mr. Cronkite exemplified Bucky’s statement that “integrity is the essence of everything.”

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen


p.s. The World Resources Simulation Center is an activity of GENI. We are now seeking support, partners and sponsors.  Rank the World Resources Simulation Center Design Event video on Youtube.com.

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