D e c e m b e r  2 0 0 9 — Volume 17, Issue 12
The GENI-us Letter

Are We Just Smarter Lemmings Headed For The Cliff?

Dear GENI Friend,

climate change speeds up since 1997 Kyoto AccordFolklore tells the story of lemmings committing mass suicide by jumping off a Norwegian cliff – a metaphor for people who unquestioningly follow the leader to dangerous or fatal consequence.  Could the enclosed headline scream any louder?: Climate Change Speeds Up since 1997 Kyoto Accord.”  All indicators have worsened and accelerated beyond some of the grimmest warnings of 12 years ago.

Are we just smarter lemmings headed for the cliff?  Or can humanity actually change course before we reach the edge?  No one really wants the planetary systems to overshoot thresholds of sustainability and then collapse.  The greatest opportunity for global action is the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change this month.  All world leaders are meeting to set carbon reduction targets and energy policies that will affect every person on our planet.

Last month, GENI sent our recommendations to the leadership of every nation.  Entitled Clean Electricity is Essential for Sustainable Development,” we urge all leaders to stop building new fossil fuel plants and instead develop large renewable energy resources and link transmission grids to deliver that clean energy to our cities and industry.  This is still the highest priority objective of the World GameTM simulation, and we have squandered any luxury of time to spare.

Please contact your President or Prime Minister and ask them to be bold in their Copenhagen commitment.  Now is not the time for timid solutions.  Ask your media to reprint the enclosed letter to President Obama, which we sent around the world.  Now is the time.  The cliff is just ahead, and we know what to do.  Future generations are counting on us.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen
Peter Meisen


p.s. GENI does this work out of your generous support.  Your financial pledge enables us to reach decision-makers, business leaders and students around the world.  Your monthly contribution makes a huge difference, and I invite you to pledge at the level equal to your vision for this work.

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