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The GENI-us Letter

U.S. Electrical Grid Expanding To Access Abundant Renewable Energy

Dear GENI Friend,

Twenty years ago, we travelled to Moscow during the early days of glasnost and GENI had the opportunity to present our initiative at the Russian Academy of Sciences.  Many of their top engineers attended, and one man literally jumped up to meet us afterwards. 

In his own words, Victor Yershevich stated, “We must see the problem as a whole. We must understand and explain to all other men on our planet that the interconnection between power systems of different countries is one of the important tasks for all humanity.”  Victor was right then, and needed now in all nations and continents.

This map illustrates the three regional electric grids in the United States, which is only now being integrated into a national network.  Enormous solar potential exists in the Southwest, biomass in the East, wind potential from Texas to the Dakotas and hydropower from Canada, all of which will require new transmission to deliver that clean energy to markets on both coasts.  Jennifer Weeks highlights the benefits in the Scientific American feature this month.

Map source: US DOE and MSNBC Research

If we want to make the transition to clean, domestic energy, the solution requires us to develop wind, solar and geothermal in the optimal locations – and build new high-voltage transmission to where we work and live.  This solution offers domestic jobs and clean energy for the United States --and every nation that follows this path!   

Please encourage your elected representatives to support an interconnected electric grid that taps the renewable energy resources of your region.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen
Peter Meisen


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