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European Companies Push EU Towards A Single Electricity Market
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World Wildlife Fund Calls For 100% Renewables By 2050

Dear GENI Friend,

The nighttime map of Europe and North Africa offers a beautiful illumination of the entire continent.  It’s easy to find Paris, the Mediterranean Riviera and the Nile River valley of Egypt.  It’s almost impossible to identify boundaries between nations, yet the trade in electricity is limited to just 5% between these nations. 

Europe and North Africa at nightNow, leading renewable energy associations and engineering firms have called on the members of the European Union to open the energy borders and enable competition in the marketplace.  They argue that coal and oil-generated electricity is dictating the price of energy in many European countries, and the cost of electrical power fluctuates with the cost of coal and oil. A unified energy grid could take renewable power and spread it all across Europe, reducing the need for coal and fossil fuel-derived energy, and allowing renewable energy providers the opportunity to compete in the European market. 

The global organization World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is best known for protecting biodiversity and reducing our ecological footprint.  They have taken a strong stand for “linking renewables around the world” in their Energy Report: 100% Renewable Energy by 2050 (original link). This in-depth study uses the Dymaxion Map™ projection from Buckminster Fuller to show several key indicators – plus the Global Energy Network that GENI has advocated for 20 years. 

We are seeing an accelerated commitment to this initiative.  It’s time that all nations heed the call.  We need a common project that every nation, every citizen can support.  Here it is— Develop the renewable energy resources within your borders.  That energy is domestic, keeping money circulating locally, it creates jobs in the cleantech sector and reduces pollution for all.  Then, interconnect the energy networks so each nation can trade in renewable energy with their neighbors.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen
Peter Meisen


p.s. Share this with your utility, business & community leaders and policy-makers.  Challenge them to act now!

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