A u g u s t  2 0 1 1 — Volume 19, Issue 8
The GENI-us Letter

Six Central American Nations Getting Connected

Dear GENI Friend,

10 years ago GENI was invited to the Latin American Energy Ministerial Summit hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy.   Then U.S. Secretary Bill Richardson was seeking ways for American firms to help develop clean energy projects across the western hemisphere.

altPrior to this Summit, we contacted every Latin American Energy Minister to encourage them to interconnect energy grids for multiple shared benefits.

Hurricane Mitch had just torn across Central America, ripping down power grids, communication lines and transportation systems.

In a show of cooperative support, the World Bank and U.S. DOE offered to help rebuild the electric grids of Central America – only if they worked together as an integrated network.

Today, this international grid is being tested and will finally be fully energized next year.  SIEPAC (the Central American Electrical Interconnection System) will become a model of cooperation for other world regionsIn addition, the six nations can now take advantage of the abundant solar, geothermal and hydropower potential across the region – reducing the demand for imported oil and power generation costs by 20%.  This is a win-win-win deal: more energy availability, at less cost with reduced environmental impact.

«Salutation», we have been driving this strategy for 25 years and are now working both to speed up and scale up the development on all continents.  Our world may seem in turmoil, yet committed people everywhere are making a real difference.  These projects take a long time from concept to completion – but your voice and support can accelerate this cooperative development between every nation.  The next step is to link the SIEPAC network north into Mexico and south into Columbia.

We proudly share this with you, as your financial support makes our work possible.

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In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen
Peter Meisen


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