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Solar Energy Is Becoming The Arab Nations’ Next Export Resource

Dear GENI Friend,

What if you were sitting on the richest energy resource in the world?  One that will never run out, cause minimal environmental impact, put people to work, and provide export income? 

The oil-rich Arab states of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) could meet all their own needs and those of Europe from their daily solar energy radiation.  Instead of pumping petroleum at a rate of 32 million barrels a day, the MENA nations could retain much of their oil reserves for much higher value-added products like chemicals, fertilizer and plastics.

solar and wind potential in MENA nations exported via the developing supergrid
Solar and wind potential in MENA nations exported via the developing Supergrid.

The Sahara and Arabian Deserts have more sunny days than any region in the world.  Energy experts in the Arab nations recently met in Jordan to discuss this untapped resource

While many are blessed with oil reserves, several MENA nations are actually oil importers and could reverse this trend by developing their solar energy potential.

The Desertec Industrial Initiative is developing its first solar complex in Morocco, with the energy transmitted via the high-voltage cable across the Gibraltar Strait to Spain.  These energy projects require large investments, international cooperation and tremendous patience.  The more trade in electricity, the more peace and cooperation between nations.  We encourage you to support these Arab initiatives into clean energy.

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In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen
Peter Meisen


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