A p r i l  2 0 1 2 — Volume 20, Issue 4
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Climate Change – Connecting the Dots

Dear GENI Friend,

North America 2012 has seen the warmest Spring ever – shifting the typical growing season by several weeks. The past few years have seen increasing numbers and strength of weather related events around the world.  Meteorological (storms), hydrological (floods) and climatological (extreme temperatures, droughts, forest fires) events have all increased 2-3 times since 1980.

Natural Catastrophes Worldwide 1980-2010“The only plausible explanation for the rise in weather-related catastrophes is climate change.”  Munch RE (world’s largest reinsurance company)

Carbon dioxide concentrations, the primary greenhouse gas, in the atmosphere have grown

20% since 1980 from our continued use of fossil fuels for primarily power production and transportation.

This graph of Natural Catastrophes Worldwide shows a clear increasing trend in each of these weather related events over 30 years -- causing deaths and billions in losses from property damage.  As we’ve reported before, nature’s feedback loops are being impacted by these trends creating even greater consequences in the future.

«Salutation», there’s an important global event coming Saturday May 5th – Connecting the Dots ... Climate Impacts Day.”  It’s your opportunity to create or join a group in your community, learn more about the issues and how you can better mitigate and adapt to these changes. It will affect us all.

GENI's 25th Anniversary Seal.jpg We proudly share this with you, as your financial support makes our work possible.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen
Peter Meisen


p.s. We will be hosting a San Diego Climate Impacts event on May 5th. You are welcome to join us!

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