A u g u s t  2 0 1 2 — Volume 20, Issue 8
The GENI-us Letter

Four New GENI Reports Published! 
Electrify The Bottom Of The Pyramid

Dear GENI Friend,

This summer we’ve hosted 50 international interns focused on engineering, renewable development and environmental studies.  Some are creating GIS (geospatial information systems) layered maps of renewable resources in the UK, Canada, U.S. and Russia.  They will help build our sustainable future and we are proud to share some recently completed reports for you to read and share:

The Health Costs of Coal-Source Electricity in Southeast Asia,” by Natalie Hisdahl

Hydrogen for Large-Scale Electricity Generation in the USA,” by Deepak Prakash

Offshore Wind Farms in the European Union,” by Brieuc Hamon

Energy Storage Technologies,” by Andreas Oberhofer   (ex: Solar Molten Salt Storage diagram)

All are available at: http://www.geni.org/globalenergy/research/index.shtml

Molten Salt Storage

While some current global trends present real challenges, we are impressed with and confident that these young professionals will help drive the solutions to a more sustainable world.  We also share a recent Harvard Business Review paper that makes the case for 1.5 billion people needing 2,500 kwh/person/year to rise out of poverty.  We can now leap-frog the fossil fuel path with small scale solar and wind systems.

In partnership for the planet,

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Peter Meisen


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