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GENI Challenges World Energy Conference
"What unites us is stronger than our differences"

Dear GENI Friend,

GENI has just returned from the 2007 World Energy Conference (WEC) in Rome, where the theme was "The Energy Future in an Interdependent World." The WEC attracts 5000 of the world's energy ministers, utility chairman and large engineering firms.  It's still true that we are all addicted to fossil fuels, whether for electricity production or transportation.  Daily WEC news headlines told the story:

"Coal to stay king as Asian power surge electrifies the world", "Welcome to the nuclear revolution", "Energy needs to cost $20 trillion", "Climate change the century's top issue."

As a WEC exhibitor, we were heartened that for the first time over 20% of the trade show featured renewable energy companies!  The world has changed significantly in the past few years, with CO2 emissions and climate change becoming central issues.   GENI received our own WEC news headline:  "A Wish List for GENI." The letter we sent to the E8 (the world's largest 8 utilities) was picked up by the WEC news editors and reprinted verbatim! (attached)  It challenges utilities to explore clean energy options in the coming carbon-constrained world.  This is an important step in our work, as this article was read by energy leaders from around the world. (a reply from ADB, the Asian Development Bank)

During this holiday time, we also want to present you some thoughtful work done by our intern, Freya Reynolds.  She continued research being done on the eight major world religions and their stance on the environment, poverty and human relationships.  Maybe it shouldn't be surprising, but all have core doctrines that encourage us to be good stewards of the earth, help those people less fortunate and recognize the oneness of mankind.  

We think you'll find her article insightful and hopeful that religions can be a positive force to unify our planet.  "What unites us is stronger than our differences" offers examples of cooperation that are metaphors for GENI's integration of electricity across national borders.   The Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and many other religious leaders have endorsed our work.  Imagine if all religions came together to work for the greater good of all humanity.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen


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