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World Bank To Fund DESERTEC Plan
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The GENI Summary Of 2010

Dear GENI Friend,

Trans-Mediterranean renewable energy cooperationPeople have ideas.  They make plans and draw images on maps.  But you know when a concept is real when funding flows to develop a project.  The plan to tap the enormous solar and wind potential of northern Africa and the Middle East, linking these renewables around the Mediterranean Sea just got real.  The World Bank will begin funding the staged development of the DESERTEC Project.

Years of planning among engineering firms, national utilities and policy-makers has garnered support from the World Bank to fund the development of large solar and wind sites in North Africa and the Middle East – and interconnecting high-voltage transmission between the neighboring states.

The benefits are many: cleaner energy and water development for each nation, load-leveling across time-zones, clean job creation, enhanced emergency response, reduced CO2 emissions and greater cooperation amongst the interconnected countries.  This is win/win/win for all involved.  This is a model for “cooperative sustainable development” between desert and mild climate, Muslim and Christian countries, rich and poor, east and west traditions.  Cooperative Sustainable Development can elevate our society to work together to make the world a better place on every continent. 

 We again express our hope from these commitments.  Our GENI staff, interns and volunteers around the world deserve a portion of credit.  They have accomplished so much last year that we amazed ourselves, and share the 2010 GENI highlights with you here (2010 milestones).

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen
Peter Meisen


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