een wereldwijd elektriciteitsnet een oplossing voor veel problemen  GENI es una institución de investigación y educación-enfocada en la interconexión de rejillas de electricidad entre naciones.  ??????. ????????????????????????????????????  nous proposons la construction d’un réseau électrique reliant pays et continents basé sur les ressources renouvelables  Unser Planet ist mit einem enormen Potential an erneuerbaren Energiequellen - Da es heutzutage m` glich ist, Strom wirtschaftlich , können diese regenerativen Energiequellen einige der konventionellen betriebenen Kraftwerke ersetzen.  한국어/Korean  utilizando transmissores de alta potência em áreas remotas, e mudar a força via linha de transmissões de alta-voltagem, podemos alcançar 7000 quilómetros, conectando nações e continentes    
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GENI Milestones

Major events that shaped GENI or that GENI helped to shape, in reverse chronological order:

2019 2014 2009 2004 1999 1994 1989
2018 2013 2008 2003 1998 1993 1988
2017 2012 2007 2002 1997 1992 1987
2016 2011 2006 2001 1996 1991 1986
2015 2010 2005 2000 1995 1990  


Event (top) Location Start End
SDRES & GENI: The Economics of Solar -- your Roof is an Asset! San Diego SIMCenter May May
Global Chamber San Diego Welcome Launch San Diego SIMCenter Apr Apr
Rebuild San Diego -- Funding Infrastructure with Councilman Mark Kersey San Diego SIMCenter Apr


GENI exhibit and multiple receptions during the one-man play: Buckminster Fuller: the History and Mystery of the Universe San Diego Repertory Theater Mar Apr
Buckminster Fuller - The Reality of Conservation and Sustainability Reuben H Fleet Museum in Balboa Park, San Diego Mar Mar
Green Scene: Creating the Conscious Company - B Corp's for Profit and Purpose San Diego SIMCenter Feb Feb
Peter Meisen presents Linking Renewables a Compelling Global Peace Strategy at Rotary International Peace Conference Ontario, CA Jan Jan
Silicon Valley Demonstration and Planning Day San Diego SIMCenter Jan Jan
Project Reviews


Event (top) Location Start End
National GIS Day - New Mapping Tool for Optimizing Renewable Energy San Diego SIMCenter Nov Nov
25 Cities Veterans Homeless Workshop San Diego SIMCenter Oct Oct
Green Scene: San Diego's Climate Action Plan. What's the Impact? Good and Bad for the Environment? San Diego SIMCenter Sep Sep
Global Classroom summer series: GeoDesign: Engineering the Transition to Clean Energy and Water for All San Diego SIMCenter Jun Aug
SDRES & GENI: Will Your Next Car be an Electric Vehicle? San Diego SIMCenter Jun


Green Scene: Keeping the Lights on 24/7 – Utility Planning in Uncertain Times San Diego SIMCenter May May
SDRES & GENI: Net Zero Buildings in San Diego San Diego SIMCenter May May
Green Scene: The New Water Reality: Drought and Rationing San Diego SIMCenter Apr Apr
IPCC Chair Dr. Richard Somerville, Essential Action on Climate Science San Diego SIMCenter Mar


Green Scene: Citizens Climate Lobby - A Carbon Fee & Dividend Solution San Diego SIMCenter Mar Mar
GENI & SDRES: Energy Storage – A Critical Piece to achieve 100% renewable energy San Diego SIMCenter Feb Feb
Green Scene: Admiral Len Hering: The Climate requires us to Change San Diego SIMCenter Jan Jan
Rotary International District Governors San Diego SIMCenter Jan Jan
Project Reviews


Event (top) Location Start End
Green Scene: San Diego’s Quality of Life Report Card by the Equinox Center San Diego SIMCenter Nov Nov
SDRES & GENI : How San Diego Can Move Towards 100% Renewable Energy with City Council President, Todd Gloria San Diego SIMCenter Nov Nov
Green Scene: The Quickway Proposal - World Class transit for San Diego San Diego SIMCenter Oct


Green Scene: San Diego 2050 is Calling: How Science Can Help Prepare San Diego Regional Leaders for Climate Change? San Diego SIMCenter Jul


Global Classroom summer series: Building Resilient Cities San Diego SIMCenter Jun Aug
Open City Project - National Day of Civic Hacking w/ Civic Innovation Lab San Diego SIMCenter Jun Jun
Peter Meisen presents GENI solution at Energy and Climate Symposium Kroc Institute for Peace and International Studies, USD San Diego May May
San Diego Renewable Energy Society and GENI form 100% Renewable San Diego partnership San Diego SIMCenter Mar Mar
Buckminster Fuller Play opens with GENI in Lobby San Jose, CA Jan Jan
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Event (top) Location Start End
San Diego Renewable Energy Society - A Conversation on Electric Vehicle Transportation Options San Diego SIMCenter Nov Nov
Geodesign San Diego: Moving your ARCMaps to ARC GIS On-line for all to see San Diego SIMCenter Nov Nov
GENI Exhibit at the World Energy Congress South Korea Oct


Green Scene: San Diego Housing Needs - How sustainable are we? San Diego SIMCenter Oct Oct
Green Scene - San Diego's Land Use and Planning: How sustainable are we? San Diego SIMCenter Sep Sep
San Diego Renewable Energy Society:
How Cities can achieve 100% Renewable Energy
San Diego SIMCenter Sep Sep
The Global Classroom summer series.
Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization
San Diego SIMCenter Jul


San Diego's Economy: How Sustainable are we? San Diego SIMCenter Jun Jun
Transportation: How Sustainable are we? San Diego SIMCenter May May
Energy Supply: How Sustainable are we? San Diego SIMCenter Apr Apr
Big Trends: Climate and Population Growth San Diego SIMCenter Mar Mar
Green Scene: How Sustainable is San Diego's Water Supply? San Diego SIMCenter Jan Mar
Project Reviews


Event (top) Location Start End
San Diego Renewable Energy Society San Diego, CA Dec Dec
Urban Design Committee of the AIA San Diego, CA Dec Dec
San Diego Urbanists San Diego, CA Oct Oct
Cal-Western School of Law – Senior Trade Presentations San Diego, CA Aug Aug
US Green Chamber of Commerce San Diego, CA Jul


Weekly Summer Intensive  -- “High Noon: 20 Global Problems and 10 Years to Solve Them” San Diego SIMCenter Jul Sep
Buckminster Fuller Day San Diego, CA Jun Jun
San Diego Regional GIS Council San Diego SIMCenter May May
Yokogawa Electric – long range planning workshop San Diego SIMCenter Feb


Social Media Trainings: MIT Enterprise Forum and Alliance Healthcare Foundation San Diego SIMCenter Jan Dec
Monthly – Green Scene – multiple events about Sustainability San Diego SIMCenter Jan Dec
Monthly – Green Scene – multiple events about Sustainability San Diego SIMCenter Jan Dec
Monthly – Movies that Make a Difference San Diego SIMCenter Jan Dec
Weekly series: Big Trends –  What in the World is Going On? San Diego SIMCenter Jan Mar
Project Reviews


Event (top) Location Start End
TEDx Americas Finest City videocast San Diego, CA Dec Dec
Environmental Entrepreneurs Summit Irvine, CA Nov Nov
ISOS Global Reporting Initiative training San Diego, CA Sep Sep
HIMEN Solar meeting Solar Valley, China Sep


Business Scholl for Entrepreneurs Dezhau, China Sep Sep
World Resources Simulation Center opening San Diego, CA Jul Jul
Move GENI offices San Diego, CA Jun Jun
UCSD Job/Intern Fairs San Diego, CA Apr May
GeoDesign 2011 at ESRI Redlands, CA Jan 5 Jan 6
Project Reviews


Event (top) Location Start End
Making Scientific Information Visual at AAAS Washington, DC Dec 1 Dec 2
SRI in the Rockies San Antonio, TX Oct 18 Oct 20
World Energy Conference Montreal, PQ, Canada Sep 12 Sep 16
WRSC Demo: Energy and Water Sustainability San Diego, CA Sep 7 Sep 29
Design Professionals Coalition Del Mar, CA Aug


Smart Grid at CalTech, hosted by JPL and CEC Pasadena, CA Jun Jun
Bucky Fuller one-man show Washington DC Jun Jun
Buckminster Fuller Challenge Washington DC Jun Jun
Financial Executive International San Diego, CA Mar Mar
GeoDesign 2010 at ESRI Redlands, CA Jan 6 Jan 7
Project Reviews


Event (top) Location Start End
Rotary International Peace Symposium Birmingham, England Jun 18 Jun 20
WRSC Prototype Event San Diego, CA Jun 12 Jun 13
USD Energy Symposium San Diego, CA May 7 May 7
CERES San Fransisco, CA Apr 15 Apr 16
GROCC New York, NY Feb 26 Feb 27
RETECH Las Vegas, NV Feb 25 Feb 27
Project Reviews


Event (top) Location Start End
IEEE PES - Utilizing Digital Earth to Visualize the Global Energy Sector Pittsburg, PA Jul 20 Jul 24
BFI Challenge Awards Ceremony New York, NY Jun 23 Jun 28
Rotary International Los Angeles, CA Jun 14 Jun 18
Washington International Renewable Energy Conference (WIREC) - ACORE sponsor Washington, DC Mar 3 Mar 7
Global Roundtable On Climate Change (GROCC) New York, NY Feb 12 Feb 13
TATA Energy Research Institute (TERI) India Jan 14 Jan 16
India trip - Rotary sponsored   Jan 6 Jan 13
Project Reviews


Event (top) Location Start End
World Energy Conference Rome, Italy    
Rotary International      
International Society for Digital Earth Berkeley, CA    

Project Reviews


Event (top) Location Start End
Rotary International      
IEEE - PES - Toronto, Canada Jul 13 Jul 17
Project Reviews


Event (top) Location Start End
CALPERS Conference on Investor Risk from Climate Change: Peter attended with KLD partners to build relationships prior to launch of Global Climate 100 Index (GC100) San Jose, CA Mar Mar
CERES (Coalition of Environmentally Responsible Companies): GENI "Best RE Practices" distributed. Meeting again with KLD partners prior to launch of GC100 Index Boston, MA Apr Apr
Penn-Well Renewable Energy Expo and Conference: GENI exhibited with "Best Policies" newsletter and enrolled ACORE President to advertise KLD Global Climate 100 Index Las Vegas, NV Jun Jun
IEEE Power Engineering Society: GENI coordinated expert panel session on "Harnessing the Untapped Ocean Energies around the world". GENI and Peter Meisen hosted panel session on "Climate Risk from Climate Change" with CALPERS Chairman and KLD President as key panelists. San Francisco, CA Jun Jun
Rotary International Convention: GENI exhibited at 100 anniversary of Rotary Int'l -- reaching largest ever audience of Rotary members. Peter is now an Honorary Rotary member of the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Club in San Diego. Chicago, IL Jun Jun
ACORE/Wall Street Renewable Energy Finance Forum: Pre-launch announcement of the KLD GC100 Index and distribution of GENI CD ROM: "There's no energy crisis" New York, NY Jun Jun
United Nations Millenium Assessment Summit: Peter attended the side events at the UN Environmental program and International Education Institute - distributing GENI and GC100 info. New York, NY Sept Sept
SRI in the Rockies: Peter attended this launch event for the KLD GC100, sharing the development story to Socially Responsible Investment association and developing future investor contacts. Snowbird, UT Sept Sept
Global Roundtable on Climate Change hosted by the Earth Institute of Columbia University: Peter invited to join 150 leaders in multi-year meeting strategy of stakeholders to combat climate change. New York, NY Nov Nov
Project Reviews
  • Best Renewable Energy Policies from Around the World
    • GENI Newsletter either mailed or presented at all the below mentioned Conferences that GENI attended. This was a prime focus of 2005.

  • VIP Database Development and Mailing
    • Alex (intern) updated GENI data base of all world leaders (top 5 in each country) and put together mailing a personalized mailing to 800 world leaders (5 from every nation) prior to UN Millenium Assessment Summit.

  • UNEP Mayors Conference
    • GENI intern mailed Renewable Energy Policy package to all 150 international big city mayors at the UNEP Mayors Conference in San Francisco meeting on Environmental Sustainability. Numerous replies received.

  • Buckminster Fuller Design Science Lab
    • GENI partnered with BFI to launch this week-long workshop with Medard Gabel, of OS Earth (formerly the World Game)

  • World Resources Simulation Center
    • GENI coordinated with 6 Bucky Fuller experts to discuss, plan, and envisage the World Resources Simulation Center.

  • GENI Local Area Network upgrade, Web Site upgrade
    • Paul-Michael Dekker continues update of GENI's web site and LAN. We've worked with 6 interns this year who have worked on a variety of web site, marketing, research and administration projects.
    • GENI News feature (allowing viewing of GENI News on sites who want to display this news) is established. This is GENI's first active online promotional feature.

  • GENI-us Newsletter Monthly Distribution passes 500


Event (top) Location Start End
Penwell Power Gen Renewable Energy Conference Las Vegas, NV Mar 1 Mar 3
Conference on World Affairs: Peter Meisen is invited panelist. Boulder, CO Apr Apr
Conference for Renewable Energies: GENI distributed hundreds of copies of the GENI newsletter "Best Government Policies for Renewable Energy" � it was a hot item as this was exactly the information these local and national environmental ministers were seeking. Bonn Germany Jun Jun
IEEE - PES - Biomass: GENI coordinated the IEEE panel session � 6 experts speaking on "Harnessing the Untapped Biomass Energy around the world" "Best RE Policies" distributed Denver, CO Jun 6 Jun 12
World Renewable Energy Conference Denver, CO Aug 20 Sept 3
19th WEC World Energy Conference & Exhibition: GENI exhibits with assistance of Don Robinson. "Best RE Policies" newsletter and GENI CD ROM distributed to attendees: energy ministers and utility executives from around the world Sydney, Australia Sep 5 Sep 9
Washington, DC RE Policy Conference Washington, DC Dec Dec
Project Reviews
  • Best Renewable Energy Policies from Around the World
    • GENI 2004 Newsletter mailed globally to 14,000 people in November and December of 2004. This is printed in 4 colors and mailed to the top five leaders in every nation: President, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Energy Minister and UN Ambassador. We received numerous, unsolicited thank you letters for this piece.
    • This newsletter became our prime focus in 2004. Why? The fastest way to expand renewable energy development is with progressive government policies at all levels: federal, state and local.

  • KLD Index Development
    • KLD Index Development. GENI to partner with KLD in creating the Global Climate 100 Index. KLD GC100 Index agreement signed October 2004

  • Buckminster Fuller Postage Stamp Launch
    • Preparation and media coverage combine for for excellent event on July 12 with GENI staff, San Diego Postmaster, Stamp Designer, and Bucky Play's Doug Jacobs.

  • Global VIP Endorsement Campaign
    • Intern Zeno Becker heads GENI Endorsement Campaign targeting 400 world VIPs, and top two endorsements received are from Carol Bellamy, Ex Director of UNICEF and Achim Steiner, Director of IUCN (The World Conservation Union)

  • GENI U.S. Newsletter Monthly Distribution passes 400
    • Paul-Michael Dekker continues to maintain GENI's web site on a part-time basis. He works with several talented interns during the year on web development and marketing projects. Initially set up last year, Paul-Michael refines our printed monthly donor letter into a monthly e-zine called the GENI-us Letter, and begins review of monthly donor letters before publication.


Event (top) Location Start End
Earth Fair San Diego, CA May 4 May 4
Society of Automotive Engineers San Diego, CA May 23 May 23
Rotary International Brisbane, Australia May 30 Jun 4
IEEE - PES - Solar Panel Toronto, Ontario, Canada Jul 13 Jul 17


Event (top) Location Start End
Rotary International Barcelona, Spain Jun 23 Jun 26
World Renewable Energy Conference Cologne, Germany Jun 28 Jul 5
IEEE - PES Chicago, IL, USA Jul 21 Jul 25
CIGRE Paris, France Aug 25 Aug 30
Rio+10 Johannesburg, S. Africa Sep 2 Sep 11
Project Reviews


Event (top) Location Start End
Not Yet Reported San Diego, CA    


Event (top) Location Start End
Not Yet Reported San Diego, CA    
Project Reviews


Event (top) Location Start End
Not Yet Reported San Diego, CA    


Event (<a href="#top">top</a>) Location Start End
Not Yet Reported San Diego, CA    
Project Reviews


Event (top) Location Start End
Not Yet Reported San Diego, CA    


Event (top) Location Start End
IEEE/PES Baltimore, MD Ja  
Sustainable Development Conference New York, NY Mar  
Habitat II Prepatory Conference San Diego, CA Mar  
Buckminster Fuller Institute Santa Barbara, CA Mar  
The World Game San Diego & Santa Barbara, CA Apr  
Lead Development Association Turin, Italy May  
5th World Renewable Energy Conference Denver, CO Jun  
World Energy System Conference Toronto, Ontario, Canada Jun  
IEEE/PES African Electrical Interconnections panel session Denver, CO July  

Project Reviews


  • IEEE Presentation in Baltimore, The Benefits of Linking Renewable Energy Resources in Developing Counties, and abstract printed in IEEE Power Engineering Review
  • Sustainable Development Conference at UN Plaza, produced by IBC. Peter presents and co-chairs with Joanne Fox-Prezworski, North American Director of UNEP. This is where Peter Meisen meets Ron Williams, Director of R & D for General Motors. His statement, This is the most thoughtful and scientific solution he's seen to solve the world's problems.
  • Habitat II Prepatory Conference held in San Diego. Presentation by Peter Meisen, and GENI's recommended item is added to UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) Document: The interconnection of electrical networks should be encouraged between neighboring countries, with specific emphasis on the interconnection of renewable energy resources.
  • Peter Meisen presents The GENI Initiative at the Buckminster Fuller Institute in Santa Barbara. Harry Kroto is special guest, and later honored with Nobel Chemistry Prize for Buckyballs.
  • Change the World in April, The World Game™ is hosted in San Diego and Santa Barbara. The events were fully sponsored, raised several thousand dollars, and generated good radio and print media in both cities.
  • Peter is invited to present the GENI Initiative to the Lead Development Association in Turin, Italy (the LDAs largest usage is plating of underwater and buried cable). Additional meetings are held in Geneva with the Aga Khan Foundation, The World Economic Forum, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. The WBCSD asks for an article for their Sustain newsletter (to be published in Jan. 1997)
  • The 5th World Renewable Energy Conference in Denver. Peter presents The GENI Initiative during a plenary panel (about 300 in attendance), meets US Secretary of Energy Hazel O� Leary, and presents the Computer Model proposal to the Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Director (proposal rejected in December)
  • Peter invited to give opening keynote in Toronto at the World Energy Systems Conference (Proceedings to be published later.)
  • African panel session on Electrical Interconnections held at IEEE Power Engineering Society meeting in Denver. Peter co-chairs session and presents papers of absent experts. Reports are featured cover on IEEE Power Engineering Review in January 1997.
  • San Diego hosts Republican National Convention. GENI distributes over 100 press releases each day at Press Center, presents on Economic Conversion panel at the Alternative Media Center, meets Newt Gingrich, Elizabeth Dole, Senator John McCain, and all press members of the McLaughlin Group (PBS) and Capitol Gang (CNN), plus does a bit of guerilla marketing.
  • Peter meets Vice-President Al Gore at Democratic fund-raiser and gives him GENI update
  • The 2nd State of the World Forum hosted by The Gorbachev Foundation. Peter presents GENI at three different Roundtable sessions, and develops the contacts for GENI to become a "Forum Initiative."
  • Lowell & April Blankfort (former GENI Board), Janathin Miller and Bill & Cindy Shopoff host GENI fund raising events at their homes.
  • Ambassador Jules Minoves i Triquell visits the GENI International Office. The Ambassador is from Andorra to the US and UN, and is currently the Vice-Chairman of the UN General Assembly. He took the proposal for the "Connect 2000" International Conference.
  • Peter is an invited international guest to the Latin America State of the World Forum in Guanajuato, Mexico. Presentations are made at the Globalization and Environmental Roundtables. Written and video-taped endorsement is received from the Forum Chairman, Governor Vicente Fox of the State of Guanajuato. Peter meets former Secretary of State James Baker, Egypt's First Lady Jehan Sadat, and UNESCO Director Frederico Mayor. Long conversations had with Pavel Palaschenko, translator and advisor to President Gorbachev for last 10 years.
  • NOVEM (The Netherlands Energy and Environmental Agency) invites Peter to present The GENI Initiative at Energy Conversion Days (about 120 Dutch energy environmentalists). The presentation is translated into Dutch for the program, and a feature article runs at the same time in "Sustainable Development" magazine, published in the UK.
  • In London, Peter presents to the Energy Division of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. He has an extensive meeting with the Shell Long Range Planning Group to discuss potential involvement in the Computer Model.
  • In Brussels, Peter meets with the Director of Energy R&D for the European Commission who invites us back to meet the entire group next trip. A meeting is also held with the President of AIESEC, an international student organization committed to developing leadership — and discussing ways to involve youth into this project.
  • Bill Shopoff contacts over 200 clients and associates to inform them of The GENI Initiative and invites them to financially support the project. Working with Joanalys, he negotiates potential venture capital partnership for the GENI Computer Model.

    HUGE WORK for a small volunteer organization committed to engineering a better world.
    (Note: This summary doesn't include results from the GENI Affiliates, which were many.)


Event (top) Location Start End
Not Yet Reported San Diego, CA    

Project Reviews


  • GENI again coordinates with International Practices Committee of IEEE/PES the panel session on "East/West Europe Electricity Infrastructure, Interconnections and Electrical Exchanges."
  • GENI gets the cover and feature article in Simulation magazine, "The GENI Model: The Interconnection of Global Power Resources to Obtain an Optimal Global Sustainable Energy Solution."
  • GENI sponsors and organizes the Buckminster Fuller Symposium and Centennial Celebration for 600 participants. Activities include a multi-media Opening Ceremony, several World Games, Symposia by 15 colleagues and students of Bucky, a Film Festival, display of the only remaining Dymaxion Car, and a Bucky for Kids Festival.
  • The New Scientist, a major scientific publication of the commonwealth countries, features "Global Power, The Electric Hypergrid" with a focus on GENI as the organization driving the idea.
  • Picking up on the article just days after it's release, the BBC interviews GENI's founder, Peter Meisen and the article's author, Fred Pearce.
  • GENI receives extensive media coverage throughout Australia and Singapore. The fund raising campaign revisits seven cities in these areas to add $40,000 to Fund the Vision Campaign.
  • GENI presents in Japan at the Northern Forum to governors representing provinces of the 21 northern latitude states. Walter Hickel is the Secretary General of The Northern Forum and a staunch proponent of the GENI Initiative.
  • At the invitation of Mikhail Gorbachev, Peter Meisen attends the State of the World Forum in San Francisco with 400 others from around the world. Hundreds of world business, spiritual and political leaders, including President Gorbachev, are introduced to the GENI Initiative. Many express genuine interest in the strategy.
  • GENI exhibits and presents at the '95 World Energy Conference in Japan attended by 3,000 of the world's core energy industry and ministry leaders, World Bank and United Nations energy specialists. The World Bank representative for Asia expresses a need for a planning tool for the entire Asian region.
  • The film team is formed in Los Angeles to produce a documentary entitled The Powerful Planet.


Event (top) Location Start End
Not Yet Reported San Diego, CA    

Project Reviews


  • Mechanical Engineering magazine of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers runs feature story, "Connecting the world's electrical grids. Transmission systems that send bulk power over long distances are proving that global energy networks are technically feasible if economic and political incentives surge."
  • GENI helps coordinate panel session at IEEE Power Engineering Society winter meeting on "Latin America: Infrastructure, Interconnections and Electrical Exchanges." Presenters include energy ministers, World Bank infrastructure experts, utility presidents.
  • GENI presents at Global Conference of Society for International Development in Mexico City. GENI exhibit is seen by development experts from 50 nations as well as the development banks and United Nations agencies.
  • The second round of contribution evenings produces another $100,000 in cash and pledges. In addition, GENI receives a major gift of $130,000 -- bringing the "Fund the Vision Campaign" total to over $300,000.
  • IEEE Power Engineering Review features the January panel session entitled "Latin American Power Policy Reforms."
  • GENI co-coordinates IEEE panel on Middle East interconnections.
August - October
  • GENI exhibits at
    • US Dept of Energy National Renewable Energy Lab Conference entitled "Partners in Commercialization." Denver, CO
    • 1st International Conference of Computer Simulation Societies (includes presentation). Zurich, Switzerland
    • International Conference on Large High-Voltage Electric Systems. Paris, France
    • United Nations Conference on Population and Development. Cairo, Egypt
    • International Exposition in Beijing, China entitled "Electric Power China 94."

  • Presentations to:
    • CEPSI 94 Conference of the Electricity Power Supply Industry in East Asia and the Western Pacific. Christchurch, NZ
    • Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories. Richland, Washington

  • GENI Hong Kong Affiliate established.
  • Alaska Governor Walter Hickel presents keynote address to opening session of the United Nations NGO Conference entitled "Why War? Why Not Big Projects?" The GENI project is the featured proposal for world peace. Proposal is delivered personally to Secretary General Boutos Boutros-Ghali.
  • "Middle East Power Policy" is featured article in IEEE/Power Engineering Review after GENI coordinates with the International Practices Committee at Summer meeting in July.


Event (top) Location Start End
Not Yet Reported San Diego, CA    

Project Reviews


  • GENI helps coordinate a panel session entitled "International Electric Networks: An Historical and Future Perspective of the World Bank and United Nations" at IEEE/PES winter meeting in Columbus, Ohio. Hosted by the International Practices Committee, this session is featured in the IEEE Power Engineering Review publication in July '93.
January - March
  • Three articles on GENI appear in global magazines:
    • "Unbottling the GENI" in Tomorrow: Global Environment Business;
    • "Worldwide Interconnections May Be An Idea Whose Time Has Come" in Transmission & Distribution International; and
    • a GENI story in Development, the Journal of the Society for International Development.
  • GENI presentation is made to the Mission Earth Task Force of the Society for Computer Simulation. Several of the world's top modelers are committed to assisting on the GENI Computer Model.
  • Meetings take place in Washington, DC to establish relationships with the US Department of Energy, National Wildlife Federation, World Resources Institute, Organization of American States, Business Executives for National Security, Battelle Pacific Northwest Labs.
  • The paper "International Interconnections to Renewable Resources" written by GENI, published in the annual Power Generation Technology book, is distributed to 8,500 industry officials around the world. GENI's co-authors are Joe Falcon, President of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and Tom Hammons, Chairman of the International Practices Committee of IEEE/PES.
  • Campaign is launched in 12 cities around the world to Fund the Vision of GENI. Pledges are directed to produce the GENI Computer Simulation Model. Sponsorship begins for the one-hour Documentary/Film for international broadcast systems.
  • Funding commitments of $100,000 are pledged via contribution evenings.
August - September
  • GENI makes Keynote presentations to the International Solar Energy Society and the Transmission & Distribution International Exposition. Both trade groups report on GENI's work in their magazines. 
  • One week after Yitzhak Rabin and Yasir Arafat shake hands for Peace on the White House lawn, Newsweek reports a story on rebuilding the Palestinians' homeland. Under the heading of "Dreaming up Peace Projects," the lead item is "Power Grids: Interlocking electricity grids could save Israelis and Arabs millions of dollars."
  • GENI International Office expands its staffing and size as Computer Simulation Model team initiates work.
  • The Mission Earth Task Force of the Society for Computer Simulation (SCS) endorses and begins advising the GENI Computer Model research project. GENI is featured in an article in Simulation, the SCS magazine, on "Simulation in the Service of Society."
  • GENI's participation at the Clinton Administration "Technology Summit" enables meetings with the Director of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Directors of the Office of Science and Technology Policy.


Event (top) Location Start End
Russian American Meeting Anchorage, AK Jan  
IEEE/PES Remote Renewable Energy Sources New York, NY Jan  
UNEP Endorsement New York, NY Mar  
Earth Summit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Jun  
IEEE/PES Power Engineering Review Cover Story - Tapping Remote Renewables   Jun  
International Conference on Large High Voltage Electric Systems (CIGRE)   Aug  
1992 World Energy Conference   Aug  
GENI Computer Simulation Model is conceived   Sep  

Project Reviews


  • Russians and Americans met in Anchorage, Alaska to discuss The Potential of an Electrical Interconnection Between Russia and North America. Hosted by the Alaska Energy Authority and GENI, these power engineers began the study of an underwater linkage between the two continents, making available the enormous renewable potential of the region.
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Power Engineering Society (IEEE/PES) hosted a panel session in New York on Remote Renewable Energy Sources made Possible by High Voltage Interconnections. Panelists state that massive untapped renewable energy exists, and is available with current technology.
  • Noel Brown, North American Director of The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) stated that GENI is one of the most important opportunities to further the cause of environmental protection and sustainable development. UNEP agreed to co-sponsor an international conference, deepening the investigation globally, including the financial and diplomatic communities.
  • GENI exhibit at the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit was seen by thousands from around the world. Relationships established with energy and environmental research organizations, as well as NGOs from every continent. Dozens of press interviews held, including the Wall Street Journal, Japan's Business Newspaper, Public Broadcasting, the World Monitor, and the BBC.
  • The IEEE/PES magazine Power Engineering Review cover story was on "Tapping Remote Renewables." Over 23,000 engineers involved in research, manufacturing and utility planning received the article.
August & September
  • GENI participates in the International Conference on Large High Voltage Electric Systems (CIGRE) and the '92 World Energy Conference. Meetings are held with many top utility officials, energy ministers and electrical engineers from around the world.
  • GENI Computer Simulation Model is conceived which would be a cost/benefit management tool designed for energy decision makers allowing comparison of renewable vs. fossil fuel/nuclear energy sources. It would factor in quality of life indicators including infant mortality, life expectancy, literacy and safe drinking water, as well as criteria for meeting the environmental standards set forth by the Earth Summit Agenda 21 signed by nations around the world. Initial requests are made to global engineering firms, the World Bank and development banks for funding this simulation.


Event (top) Location Start End
GENI Not for Profit Corporation formed San Diego, CA Feb  
Workshop Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Jul Jul
Video Release San Diego, CA Sep  

Project Reviews


  • GENI formed as a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to conduct research and educate all people to the benefits of linking international and inter-regional electric energy networks linked to renewable eneergy.
July September
  • A 15 minute video A WIN-WIN Solution released, featuring interviews with a dozen specialists from the Winnipeg workshop. Strong corroboration for the initiative is expressed by engineers, environmentalists and diplomats.


Event (top) Location Start End
Not Yet Reported San Diego, CA    


Event (top) Location Start End
Video Release San Diego, CA Nov  

Project Reviews



Event (top) Location Start End
Not Yet Reported San Diego, CA    


Event (top) Location Start End
Not Yet Reported San Diego, CA    


Event (top) Location Start End
GENI founded San Diego, CA    

Project Reviews

GENI founded to investigate the idea by R. Buckminster Fuller, proposing a Global Electric Energy Grid as the number one priority to solve many of the world's most pressing problems.

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