N o v e m b e r  2 0 1 2 — Volume 20, Issue 11
The GENI-us Letter

GENI Renewable Reports Provide Solutions As The Answer To "It's Global Warming, Stupid"

Dear GENI Friend,

Hurricane Sandy gave us another demonstration of the consequences from our global addiction to fossil fuels.  As stated in Bloomberg Business Week, humans are now causing climatic events that are more violent.  It's now time that we do everything possible to mitigate and adapt to this "new normal."

Sandy is Biggest Atlantic storm in history - http://images.businessweek.com/images/images/lede/12/350x230/1029_SR_SANDY.jpgHurricane Sandy set several records:

  • Biggest Atlantic storm in history
  • 7.5 million people lost power
  • 13 foot storm surge in Lower Manhattan
  • 80+ mph gusts in NY and New Jersey
  • 2nd major storm in 2 years

Paul Barrett in Bloomberg reported, Ultimately, the global warming crisis will require global solutions. Washington can become a credible advocate for moving the Chinese and Indian economies away from coal and toward alternatives only if the U.S. takes concerted political action.” We agree.

GENI interns have been working on solutions – and we are proud to release several more important reports that show us that path to a cleaner and more stable climate.  Each is available at www.GENI.org/globalenergy/research:

These reports provide plans, maps and strategies to shift course towards a clean energy future.  Please help us by sharing them with your colleagues.  We do have tested technologies and models – as several nations are already 80% renewable.  Hurricane Sandy reminded us of the consequences of inaction.

In partnership for the planet,

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Peter Meisen


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