M a r c h  2 0 1 3 — Volume 21, Issue 3
The GENI-us Letter

"Turn Down the Heat" — World Bank Report 2012
Turn Up The Heat On Our Leaders!

Dear GENI Friend,

http://doomsday.in.ua/upload/information_system_15/3/5/2/item_352/information_items_352.pngThe recent World Bank report Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4° C Warmer World Must be Avoided is a strong warning from these bankers that we are on track for increasing disasters... unless we change course!  The poorest nations did not cause the problem but will suffer the worst consequences of extreme heat and sea level rise.

Environmental scientists make projections about consequences in their models for the future – and we are already outside the expected trajectory on many indicators.  The loss of Arctic Sea ice is far more rapid than the projections and outside even what the models predict.

http://icons.wxug.com/metgraphics/climate/IPCC_model_vs_obs_sea_ice.png Change is difficult in our society.  We get comfortable in what we know.  Yet we do seem to be capable of making systemic changes when we are confronted by outside forces.

Making change from a vision that will uplift our society in a couple decades is much harder.

Making the needed changes from a fossil fuel economy at both speed and scale is nearly impossible.  How do we shift society from a long term destructive habit (oil, gas and coal) to a society based on clean electricity and fuels?

GENI is one of many global organizations now making the case for the rapid transition to 100% renewable energy -- in nation after nation, state by state.  We have published many national reports on how to become 100% Renewable at www.GENI.org.  What can you do?  Turn up the heat on your political leaders!

In partnership for the planet,

Peter MeisenGENI's 25th Anniversary Seal -- 1987-2012
Peter Meisen


p.s. We need your support to exhibit at the World Energy Conference in South Korea this fall. We have a $12,000 goal to cover our exhibit booth fee and expenses.  Can you help sponsor us? http://www.geni.org/globalenergy/donors/enroll/pledge.shtml

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