S e p t e m b e r  2 0 1 3 — Volume 21, Issue 9
The GENI-us Letter

GENI Is The Only U.S. Exhibitor At World Energy Congress Pushing The Renewable Solution

Dear GENI Friend,

The top 5000 global energy officials convene next month in Korea at the World Energy Congress (WEC) — Energy Ministers, utility executives and global engineering firms.† The WEC meets every three years and GENI has been exhibiting since the early 90's, advocating the interconnection of renewable energy between all nations as the premier energy strategy. †This year GENI is the only voice on the exhibit floor pushing this message!

GENI booth at the World Energy Congress 2013At www.geni.org you can get all the WEC 2013 details: Program, Speakers, Exhibitor list — plus our "Open Letter to all WEC delegates."† We pre-promote our work to attendees to foster the debate among the delegates.† It is still an uphill climb.

The WEC agenda is "Securing Tomorrow's Energy Today" which is what the GENI Initiative supports.† Yet the reality of the world and most WEC members is the continued extraction and use of fossil fuels for power and transportation fuels.

Globally the energy industry has invested trillions into power infrastructure and fuel supply chains — and this momentum is difficult to change.† Imagine the challenge of Gazprom (Russia), Qatar Petroleum and Pemex (Mexico) shifting their business†model to clean energy resources?

The stakes have never been greater.† The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released their updated report today Ė stating 'unequivocally that humans and fossil fuels are behind the severe storms and droughts we are seeing around the world.' †If we donít change course we will all suffer "dire consequences."

We invite you to support our Exhibit (Booth #B450).† Our goal is $10,000 to cover the fee.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter MeisenGENI's 25th Anniversary Seal -- 1987-2012
Peter Meisen


p.s. If you contribute prior to Oct 17, we will acknowledge all donors at our exhibit at the World Energy Congress.

GENI is the only U.S. exhibitor at the World Energy Congress in South Korea promoting Renewables. We are seeking donations and sponsorship, and invite your support: http://www.geni.org/globalenergy/donors/enroll/pledge.shtml

P.P.S. Review each of our projects, and Register your interest and ideas:

We invite your support of our work. It’s easy with our secure Support page.

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